Things You Need to Know About Different Airsoft Gun Brands

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Michiel Van Kets asked:

Deciding on an airsoft gun that is right for you will all depend on the intention of the gun. There are a number of reasons for acquiring an airsoft gun; to use it for hitting targets in order to improve eye and hand co-ordination, coaching beginners on firearm safety or to engage in a combat game. The police and military utilize airsoft guns during their training as it is safer and a cheaper alternative than using real guns. Airsoft guns are seldom exact replicas of the real thing. They also have a higher level of safety, flexibility and cost less to buy; all of which adds to their appeal for the airsoft enthusiast.

There are a number of airsoft gun manufacturers. Some of the better known brands include Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, Crosman, Jing Gong and Cybergun.Whether you decide for the higher quality leading brands or the economical versions, how much you are willing to pay will be the biggest deciding factor. This article aims to direct you towards a couple of things you should be aware of before deciding upon a brand of airsoft gun.

The leading manufacturer of high quality airsoft guns is Tokyo Marui. They are the largest international manufacturer around the world and their guns have a reputation for being consistently reliable and durable. They are in charge for making a first-rate series of AEGs, AEPs, gas and spring powered guns. Leading the way in designing and improving airsoft products, many other brands replicate their models. As a manufacturer, they are appreciated by airsoft enthusiasts due to their intricate designs and detail and ability for highly accurate firing. As all metal body AEG's are forbidden in Japan, guns are produced from ABS plastic and parts reinforced using metal.

ICS has a highly valued standing in the airsoft community for making reliable quality guns. With a history that goes back twenty years, they use only the highest quality materials, extending to the internal workings of the gun, such as metal gearboxes, steel gears, and silicon steel bushings. Their guns have an outstanding durability and are highly sought of by experienced airsoft players.

Classic Army are based in Hong Kong and produce high quality AEGs with metal bodies. Their models are particularly realistic-looking and durable. Their metal rifles consist of metal gears and gearboxes, precision barrels and high performance electric motors. Rifles produced by Classic Army are appropriate for upgrading and adding accessories.

Jing Gong manufactures top of the range airsoft guns or AEG's in the low to mid price range. Skilled game players fancy this brand as their guns are quite low cost whilst offering quality. JG ensures their guns are long-lasting by addinginserting quality internal parts including metal gears and gearboxes. Recently updating the AEG, it is now capable of firing more than 400fps.

CYMA airsoft guns are not expensive but durability is quite low too, this makes them a good choice for beginners. Recently, however, they have unveiled a new series of full metal and wood AEGs with the focus on high quality, reliability and performance. Many of their newer models are replicas of AEGs from Tokyo Mauri. Due to their modernized models, CYMA are gaining popularity with softgun enthusiasts as manufacturers of quality guns at affordable prices.

Crosman are a well known America manufacturer and distributor of airsoft guns and BB guns. Their guns are known as being reliable and dependable with a reputation for durability. They have a selection\collection from entry level airguns for beginners to high powered adult airguns. Crosman are a mid range priced brand and hard-wearing, and popular with the younger end of the market.

Cybergun is a name you will pay attention to amongst other brands of airsoft guns, although they don’t actually construct guns themselves. They work together with manufacturers such as Jing Gong, CYMA and KWC to produce officially licensed highly detailed replicas with full branding of popular gun makers including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Thompson, SIG SAUER, Desert Eagle, UZI, Kalashnikov, FAMAS and more.

These are just a few of the brand names that manufacture and distribute airsoft guns. Whether you need a gun for fun or a more serious reason you will find a large selection of companies, guns and types to satisfy all levels of skill and experience.

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