Advanced Look at the Classic Army Dragunov SVD Airsoft AEG

October 28th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Sports
spartanimports asked:

Spartan Imports Advanced Look June 19th, 2009: The Classic Army Dragunov SVD. Coming Soon to Spartan Imports, the Exclusive US Distributor of Classic Army Airsoft Products. Features 7mm Bearing Gear Box Glass Fiber Hand Guard Glass Fiber Stock 40 Round Magazine Metal Body Detachable Cheek Rest

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Airsoft GI – Magpul Masada/ACR AEG by A&K

August 3rd, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked: The A&K Masada is finally here. There are only a few of these available in the United States. Check out the awesome features and performance.

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Airsoft Execute with Tokyo Marui SG552

July 1st, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Comedy
MorgothValar asked:

Funny Airsoft Video Tokyo Marui AEG SG552 (280fps) Grenade Launcher (Classic Army) BB-Shower (Mosquito Molds) ... execution execute airsoft gun fun shooting game shot target pain bb-shower tokyo marui sg552 aeg grenade kill

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Airsoft – ICS-14 MP5 A PDW Review

June 23rd, 2009 5 Comments   Posted in Film
airsocom asked: Airsofter Review of the ICS - 14 MP5 PDW ... ics airsoft 14 mp5 pdw aeg gun model folding stock submachine review

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Airsoft Guns – Have Fun With Guns and Know the Differences

December 10th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Ecommerce
Carmelita Moore asked:

There's a vast range of airsoft handguns and pistols on offer. As with most things in life there are always some favourites that never really change over time. Like Airsoft Sniper Rifles as an example, there's a certain something about airsoft rifles that their owners simply can't explain. The dream of owning your own M16, G36 or AK47 is something that some of the other people will never understand. The surprising thing about most airsoft rifles is that they're actually quite heavy and very well built. They're designed to be an almost exact copy of the original firearm in every possible way - which in turn gives you an idea of what it would be like to handle the real thing.

The quality and features of your airsoft replica will depend on your budget. There are three basic types of airsoft guns - differences and approx. expenses are listed below:

Spring Airsoft Guns:

Spring powered airsoft guns differ from the other gas powered and electric powered airsoft guns because they are a single shot or spring cocked devices much like a real shotgun or bolt action rifle. The user has to cock the spring by pulling back the slide or bolt before firing each shot. Though they may not be very suitable for close combat competitions, they are widely used for "sniper" and "marksman" functions.

Electric Airsoft Guns (AEG):

The electric airsoft gun, also known as AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) these are the top of the range when it comes to airsoft guns. Each AEG has a tiny but very powerful motor inside which powers the firing mechanism. There is still a spring inside an AEG but this is controlled by the electronic motor to achieve high rates of fully automatic fire. One of the really neat things about this type of airsoft gun is that it can be loaded with miniature paintballs. A word of warning however - if a paintball breaks inside an AEG it can clog up the entire firing mechanism meaning you'll have to strip the gun down and clean it.

Gas powered Airsoft Guns:

Gas powered models add one immediate feature - automatic fire. With a gas powered airsoft rifle or pistol you don't need to cock the gun each time because it has a gas charge built in. These are far more powerful than most spring airsoft guns and slightly more expensive. This extra power comes at an added expense - the gas needs to be refilled. This can be achieved with co2 cartridges or a portable hand pump. For the added expense gas airsoft guns definitely feel more like the "real thing".

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