REVIEW AIRSOFT MAGPUL PTS CQBR / ghillie suit unvieling! HD

July 17th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
spartan117gw asked: aspecairsoft company their retail site is under maintenance but check out their reviews and videos on their channel also check out great reviews and news clips for airsoft

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  1. airsoftpro808 Says:

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    oh yeah 1 more thing, is there a mosfet installed in the gun(stock)???

  2. airsoftpro808 Says:

    Create a video blog

    wait spartan you said your gun was 27 BBs per second. is that stock with a 11.1v lipo??? or did you put upgrades in it?

  3. spartan117gw Says:

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    @airsoftpro808 battery was low in some parts of the video. but it does shoot very fast.

  4. airsoftpro808 Says:

    magpul airsoft

    @spartan117gw your gun doesnt sound that fast. is it 27 bbs per second stock?? or did you add some upgrades??

  5. airsoftpro808 Says:

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    @spartan117gw i LOVE your intro. PLEASE tell me the song that you got that little soundtrack from. PLEASE!!! 5/5 starts just for intro.

  6. blackhawk82000 Says:

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    ouais .. tu te prend trop au sérieux quand même .. c’est facile de jouer seul, mais quand ta des joueurs en face tu fonce pas comme tu fait dans ta video x)

  7. saint51 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    you need alot of help lol….emal me about stalking ghillie suits and shooting and moving drills….

  8. saint51 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    first sorry im not being rude….but youyr ghillie is horrible…well may be not that bad but you need some help…if you want help and tips…email me at I have been building ghillies for special operations operators for ten years…second…the way you walk with weapon is incorrect..your psoture is worng…an d need alot of help on stalking….if u want help…hit me up….

  9. shapirojosh Says:

    Create a video blog

    you should do a review in a battle

  10. agentspaz13 Says:

    Why didn’t you ghillie wrap your weapon? The outline will stand out against the environment if you are trying to wtay concealed. And with the way you ghillie crawl, you are silhouetting yourself.


    magpul airsoft

    what sight were you using on your gun?

  12. bopbrothers Says:

    Create a video blog

    god you made me get that gun.

  13. theairsoftplayer555 Says:

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    i go to xk all the time! i love it there but why not the city! thats my favorite place lol well your right bside it so i guess it doesn’t matter haha

  14. J3ngoBr3tt Says:

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    halo music and airsoft. 2 of my favorite things.

  15. 1337airsoftgeek Says:

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    LOL, any of you guys go to the NRA convention? I was there…

  16. TACADD Says:

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    I would hate to play against you, but would love to be on the same team, lol! Awesome gun, love Magpul.

  17. spartan117gw Says:

    @THEAIRSOFTMASTER5 the land of airborne and the green berets


  19. spartan117gw Says:

    magpul airsoft

    @Queboo12 custom made. just a multicam bdu with a net and a buncha burlap with the proper colors.

  20. Queboo12 Says:

    Create a video blog

    Is that a custom made guilie suit or is it a ready made on? Really like the gear your using. Could you give me a run down on what gear your wearing please! Cheers

  21. dmtcall Says:

    @spartan117gw CORRECT! I got a few w/ some pmags in a trade, I think they fill the same bill, and like the original style, they still bennefit from a strip of 100mi/hr. tape. :) but what doesn’t?

  22. spartan117gw Says:

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    @dmtcall ur talkin bout the ranger plates. i have yet to aquire a few. but when i do il decide weather thier better or not. regular magpuls work fine eitherway.

  23. dmtcall Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Any reason for the loop style magpul over the pmag tab style? Just curious if you have tried them, and just prefer the old style better, or it’s not something in your kit yet.

  24. ThePKscene Says:

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    HALO theme as background music FTW !!!


    magpul airsoft

    hey for your editing lower the music because i can barely hear you over the music

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