Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI Magpul Desert Commando Custom Full Metal AEG

July 24th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked: The Desert Commando is a masterpiece built by Frank, our Head Tech. This is a one of a kind custom gun, that will likely never be made again. See it in action and up close here at Airsoft GI.

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25 Responses to “Airsoft GI – Airsoft GI Magpul Desert Commando Custom Full Metal AEG”

  1. Stealthmaster15 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    JG gearboxes are pretty solid, but they come assembled very poorly. Hopefully they reshimmed and regreased the gearbox….

  2. uwanaugoda Says:

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    Wow what a waist of money, a JG gear box? I rather have shitty externals and a systema gearbox

  3. andromedarr Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    @serd95 So, basically, you have to Call them HopUps, because the Hop Up makes the bullet spin, and is special only on Airsoftguns

  4. kale61 Says:

    Create a video blog

    Damn guys. Doing some Army of Two customizations huh? Just attach a bayonet that shoots spetsnaz knifes.

  5. mrmurdahlic Says:

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    Hey! I bought a JG M614 off criagslist. Guess what it didn’t come with? 15 inch barrel. Guess who wants one? DING DING DING. ME! Anyone know a site where I can buy one? Message me please!! Thanks- Murdaholic

  6. Heheh274 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    they coulda fit a G&P MK18 rail without any problems…

  7. Killermuffin1 Says:

    @maidtoorder28 Well, it’s the only one out there. You could always commodify it later and sell it for way more! ;D

  8. Killermuffin1 Says:

    3:37-3:39 The sun just went down, so it’s not super bright out…
    Yet he’s wearing shades. B)

  9. xXSgtWolfXx Says:

    @maidtoorder28 They must figure “Hey, some retarded rich kid will buy this. Why not throw it on our website?”

  10. HotPocketAirsoft Says:

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    @maidtoorder28 its not for the people who cant afford it.

  11. 609jan Says:

    Create a video blog

    where do put your battery front or the back?

  12. crabwalktechnic Says:

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    @ibanez35924 Magpul Ind. and Magpul PTS are different companies. Magpul Ind. is in the US and Magpul PTS parts come from China. The Magpul Professional Training Simulation parts are made of inferior poly and plastic. They are affiliated though. I run both on my airsoft and ar.

    As for the ACR, the Magpul Masada was in development way before the airsoft Masada came out. The New ACR is made by Magpul PTS but the original airsoft Masadas were made by A&K.

  13. maidtoorder28 Says:

    magpul airsoft

    $980???????????…… rip off

  14. ibanez35924 Says:

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    @Raveson279 if you talking about the magpul website they only sell the real guns. there airsoft accessories are milatary grade training airsoft guns and parts. kinda cool. they sell the airsoft before the real rifle

  15. ibanez35924 Says:

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    @serd95 i love you and your probably not a chick!!!!!!!!! finnally someone who knows something about guns. little info. the magpul stuff they put on airsofts(like in the vid) is military grade pts parts which stands for something that means training simualtion(cant remember exactly what pts stands for). and i dont know if you know what a ACR is or not but the prototype for it was a training arsoft(available to the public)before it was a real gun. same happend with the magpul moe pts parts.

  16. ekstaasikontiainen Says:

    magpul airsoft

    @SureFireAirsoft Gearbox shell is over tokyo marui quality…

  17. SureFireAirsoft Says:

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    @ekstaasikontiainen Good Gears…Horrible Piston and Horrible Gearbox Shell.

  18. ekstaasikontiainen Says:

    magpul airsoft

    @SureFireAirsoft JG has great gears and a bad piston. Nothing wrong about it.

  19. SureFireAirsoft Says:

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    JG Gearbox? Ew.

  20. MrBeaverwarrior Says:

    i have a near identical gun but with more black on it. and i didnt make the mistake of using a jg gearbox i bought a kwa 2gx m4a1 just for this project.

  21. AirsoftFL Says:

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    It would suck if he accidently dropped it while reviewing it! XD

  22. lolboy198 Says:

    someone bought it

  23. Raveson279 Says:

    Create a video blog

    @AggressiveAirsoft They did it”s called the Magpul MOE carbine. Its made by G&P, but it says its made by Magpul on the website. Just go into AEGs and you will see Magpul AEGs.

  24. spartan18608 Says:

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    @CalvinoBear it wont crack the shell if ASGI was smart and put a renforced gearbox shell and they usualy are smart about this kinda stuph they haven been doing this 4 a while

  25. AggressiveAirsoft Says:

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    @airosftgidotcom hay can you do a review off g&p mag pull m4

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