Upgraded ICS MP5-A5 AEG

December 11th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
jeffreyromero1 asked:

Upgraded ICS MP5-A5 in FULL AUTO!!!!

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  1. BigLittlePrince1 Says:


    schöner herd

  2. qbeck11 Says:

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    Are you gonna get the laser for the cocking tube? That would be awesome 😀

  3. donatopirrod Says:

  4. XlopenX Says:

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    @bobspie4 airsplat(.)com or just type in ‘airsoft mp5’ in google (oh, dont forget about your location, type that in too)

  5. XlopenX Says:

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    @webbracer5 6mm bb’s

  6. webbracer5 Says:

    Create a video blog

    what size bb’s does this take?

  7. UKairsoft94 Says:

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    @superrhino100 well then dip shit dont search it and dont watch the fucking video.

  8. superrhino100 Says:

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    WOW…MORE AIRSOFT? Really?? Seriously?? This toy gun shit on youtube is getting really old!!!

  9. 777ikey Says:

    ics mx5

    can someone tell me what i need to do to make my ics mp5 shoot 380-400 fps, do i just need a Systema m120S Spring and some Systema Metal Bushings???

  10. bobspie4 Says:

    ics mx5

    were cna i get one?

  11. STFUg00f2011 Says:

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    Fucking idiot, you type like you went to nigger school.

  12. STFUg00f2011 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.


    Learn to spell, stupid faggot.

  13. 619Movement Says:

    Create a video blog

    Keep them good videos coming 5*****

  14. cradleoffilth444 Says:


    What torch fore-end is that?
    (make & model)

  15. rugbyrocks152 Says:

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    mate the a5 ics is a FULL metal gun 😀 enjoy my friend

  16. kurtzsoftair Says:

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    @whathefuckshdmynameb The lower receiver and the grip are in plastic, like the real gun. Everything else is metal. Pay attention, because there’s the metal version of this gun ,but also a cheaper one, with more plastic components

  17. kurtzsoftair Says:


    @Spyflugan91 They are both very good. CA is a bit more expensive and has better plastic quality. Then in the CA ne you can detach the mag using the little lever behind it or the button on the side of the weapon. In the ICS one instead you can do it only with the lever because the button is a fake. I’m sure that ICS has original trademarks, don’t know about the CA one. The engine used by the last gen of ICS Mp5 is the Turbo 3000 and it’s more powerful than CA ones

  18. scissorsrsharp Says:

  19. 9361m Says:


    thanks for that. ive just bought one online for Xmass. im glad you havent had any problems with it:) reasures me, and its good for you:)

  20. MP5er123 Says:

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    Np. I have no idea about the MX5-P, i didn’t even know they had a new gun out. That three round burst is pretty cool though. Sorry!

  21. whathefuckshdmynameb Says:

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    Thanks for the info just wonder ing if you know anything about the New ICS MX5-P with the split gearbox and mosfit chip (IDK how to spell it, it makes the gun got three round burst)

  22. MP5er123 Says:

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    yes, both the upper and lower receiver are metal, cocking tube is metal, trigger, heat sink plate, barrel, flash hider, iron sights, mag release, almost every internal part is metal (I know, I’ve stripped mine down to the bare gearbox). The only parts that are plastic are the pistol grip, stock, and the handguard. It is a truely amazing gun, I have had it for 3 years now and I have never had one problem with it

  23. whathefuckshdmynameb Says:

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    Does this gun have a medal receiver? i dont want to pay 250 for a plastic gun

  24. laptopcpuser Says:

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    airsoft in the kitchen!! wooo!

  25. VIPhiggz09 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    ICS. there mp5’s at least the classic armys mags wobble and there motor isnt as good. ics all thee way

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