Airsoft GI – ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal MK5 AEG

December 9th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked:

Take a look at the new ICS MX5P. This aeg has some neat features that you won't find on guns from other companies. ICS has always made an innovative impact on the airsoft market and they are doing it again with this product.

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25 Responses to “Airsoft GI – ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal MK5 AEG”

  1. lmaodawg Says:

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    How much and when can i buy this????

  2. HeadB0mb Says:

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    except… how, specifically, do you tune the gun to the type of bettery you’re using? like which way should you turn the screwdriver to tune to your battery’s voltage?

  3. tallsmallboys123 Says:

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    sweet gun but what the fuck was ics thinking with the handgaurd

  4. Chrinik Says:

    ics mx5

    Looks like the Brügger&Thommet BT-401003 HK MP5 TL-99A1 3-Rail Handguard if you ask me…

  5. ninetailedhollow5 Says:

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    I love how you guys have been OBSESSED with C&C’s “Welcome Home”.

  6. thevideolord Says:

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    what is the song

  7. sbvikings30 Says:

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    u guys got a new chrono can you do a vid on it

  8. boomheadshot32 Says:

    ics mx5

    whats with the half cycles?

  9. derickshin95 Says:

    thanks! cus i always thought he looked a little asian

  10. Christianmarquez Says:

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    Half white and half Chinese

  11. mabajabas Says:

    369 fps…….thats hot

  12. MrRiceCracka Says:

  13. fallen1archer Says:

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    @m4airsoftstuff nice way to spell beginning wrong… dumbass

  14. fallen1archer Says:

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    this looks like something out of fucking star wars

  15. derickshin95 Says:

    is tim asian

  16. Treembea Says:

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    @m4airsoftstuff i think he was doing that on purpose, but still funny

  17. m4airsoftstuff Says:

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    nice voice cracks in the begging:)… great gun

  18. berger0424 Says:

    when is this gun coming out? any dates?

  19. zaidopinoy Says:

    thats a sick chrono…….madbull chrono with a cool design!

  20. noodliepoodlie Says:

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    my computer started to load the video slower when you pulled the gun out . LOL!

  21. Omalleyediting Says:

    ics mx5

    at 5:25 look at his eyebrows…something is wrong….lol

  22. Heylookaneagle Says:

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    Nice. Steel reciever.

  23. thecooldude71 Says:

    At 5:27 he shot the gun for some reason, but it didn’t follow through.

  24. LordSither1 Says:

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    badass… except for the grip. the 3rd burst is sweet. able to change out the gearbox that quick and easy. hell yeah

  25. Gamesrock22 Says:

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    i actually wouldn’t mind that grip 😛

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