g36e classic army airsoft gun for SALE $180

June 27th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
xboxlivelegend asked:

SENd me a messege if interested

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25 Responses to “g36e classic army airsoft gun for SALE $180”

  1. fimon145 Says:


    is it still available??

  2. xxxkilAxxx123 Says:

  3. giholt99 Says:

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    how much $

  4. grannysnipe Says:

    classic army airsoft

    that ak is fuckin beast i love that paint job

  5. TheRealUberShow Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    @xboxlivelegend He probably could.

  6. kfrontera83 Says:

    Create a video blog

    wow the paintjob isnt that bad quit crying little bitches

  7. bryan3184 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    I remember airsoft wars.. sigh. those were the dayssssss

  8. 123thejd Says:

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    ill trade u an l96 mbo1 and a cyma ak47

  9. hedlessniper Says:

    Create a video blog

    Why sell it? Buy a soldering iron for $10 and solder the wire back on…

  10. YoshiLover2012 Says:

    Create a video blog

    flat black would look a lot better.

  11. Hashuna Says:

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    This gun is worth 10 Dollars due to the poorly done paintjob and broken wiring.. yeah.

  12. GTplayer77 Says:

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    the paint is very…ugly…and more on the AK-47 and your problem is really easy to repare you have to cut the part arround the connection and reglue it. (sorry my english is not good,I m french)

  13. KrissyisMadz Says:


    also did i say that the airsoft gun i was talkin about has laser and nightvision built in scope which is like x10 i think… wait no its like x8 or somthin

  14. xboxlivelegend Says:

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    not really, i just didnt want to mess around with it

  15. xboxlivelegend Says:

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    wow ur way wrong there. thats not even close to a lpeg. and second i payed like $290 for the gun. and people paint classic armys all the time. if u mess up u just spray it down with some flat black.

  16. steyeraugpaperman Says:

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    thats not a classic army gun thats more lilke a lpeg which classic army doesnt make lpeg airsoft guns and u wouldnt paint a classic army gun thats 400$s unless ur and idiot

  17. bigblackrape Says:

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    u proly coulnt do better if you say yeah than make one

  18. xsv161 Says:


    lol a pretty shitty looking paint job… that should bring the value DOWN

  19. sharktooth241 Says:

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    ill take the gun for 160

  20. cody196 Says:

    Create a video blog

    with a wirring problem its proubly worth 90 bucks because a wirring problems pretty big

  21. mcgriz Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    dude has anyone bought ut yet

  22. Pewpshmear Says:

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    i saw that gun for 254 dollars. with a broken wire, its not worth the 90 dollars, when u can get one brand new

  23. xboxlivelegend Says:

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    can u get the same gun for 170 with 2 extra clips, a custom paint job, and a bipod?

  24. sammyboy6995 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    i could get the same gun for 170

  25. 1airplane21 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    i would totally buy that from you cause airsoft extreme shop is really close but my parents wont let me get anymroe guns =(

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