Airsoft Classic Army G36K review

December 3rd, 2009 Posted in Sports
zanderwitaz asked:

Breif review on the Classic army G36k. Mostly on externals and build. shoots about 320 fps out of the box

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  1. evilryutaropro Says:

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    @wildfrenzy depends i mean tm is good but i like ca for other reasons

  2. xxx666riley666xxx Says:

    yes you can put mulitple together

  3. combuf Says:

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    Those notches on the mag, can you put multiple mags together?

  4. MrD1888 Says:

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    I’ve read a lot about this gun and the p90 and I think p90 is better

  5. quadmft Says:

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    how is this gun does it shoot far with .20 grams

  6. wildfrenzy Says:

    classic army airsoft


    Yes, this is the best G36K, although the new TM one will probably be the best available.

  7. dagodfatha76 Says:

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    is this the best g36k or is the jg or echo 1 g36k better

  8. dagodfatha76 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    are these things better then g36c and how are da guns sights

  9. CircusAndVincent Says:

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    I have the larger version of this gun it can take a 9.6.

  10. bebbenr7bazz Says:

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  11. Rzraxe Says:

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    no, i know its a pain thers no room for a bigger battery, i just lape mine to the outside of the gun, tired of charging

  12. Jimmy16447 Says:

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    can you fit a battery bigger than a mini in here?

  13. scamp3 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    You look real hot with that weapon!

  14. slaya52 Says:

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    Yeah but you would have to fit a rail on it to put sights on

  15. slaya52 Says:

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  16. Alexr197 Says:

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    ive heard around 130-140 ft. The accuracy of the G36C (which is what i have) goes 120 ft before the wind can curve it out of line. If you are going to get a G36K, my opinion is to buy the one without the built in scope because then you can mount your very own (red dot, etc) without having to tamper with the one built in, plus the top rail would be longer. Although with all that, i still love my 36C :)

  17. biocryisis Says:

    i just recently bought this and wanted to know something.
    when you take off the optics can you fit any of your own optics?

  18. zanderwitaz Says:

    do some research before posting

  19. donatassss2 Says:

  20. marcer7 Says:

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    i know u can take off the scope, but is it possible to transfer that scope/ carrying handle from the G36K to the top of the G36c? do u know what i mean?

  21. arouka1000 Says:

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    hi guys can u help me out i got some questions what is the accuracy on this gun since it got longer barrel than the g36c?? and the built in scope

  22. biocryisis Says:

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    i just bought me this riffle a days ago and i would have to say this riffle kicks ass. thanks for the review helped me a lot with deciding

  23. zanderwitaz Says:

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    the CA36 has the proper length stock, the texture is better and the scope is better. the 7mm gearbox is a plus too. however, the new JGs sometimes come with 7mm reinforced gearboxes with metal bushings.both have been pretty reliable put personally i favor my JG because it was mroe accurate out of the box and has slightly less body flex.

  24. zanderwitaz Says:

    classic army airsoft

    small 8.4v up to a 1200 mah 9.6v

    some nunchuck batteries will fit

  25. UnnamedAirsoft Says:

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    What size battery does this fit?

    Large, Small, or Nun-Chuck?

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