Advanced Look at the Classic Army Dragunov SVD Airsoft AEG

October 28th, 2009 Posted in Sports
spartanimports asked:

Spartan Imports Advanced Look June 19th, 2009: The Classic Army Dragunov SVD. Coming Soon to Spartan Imports, the Exclusive US Distributor of Classic Army Airsoft Products. Features 7mm Bearing Gear Box Glass Fiber Hand Guard Glass Fiber Stock 40 Round Magazine Metal Body Detachable Cheek Rest

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25 Responses to “Advanced Look at the Classic Army Dragunov SVD Airsoft AEG”

  1. TheDylan408 Says:

  2. elitekillful Says:

    classic army airsoft

    well hurm… actualy i was really looking at the gun…

  3. Nukemasta88 Says:

  4. ArcangelZero7 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    All sniper rifles look the same, until THIS one! :D. It looks incredibly accurate too, and lacks a lot of the unnecessary bulk. Looks like it would be intimidating! Oh, and nice shot! :)

  5. kinmanyuen Says:

    Create a video blog

    bolt latch need some wear.. or dark scheme.

    it looks out of place

  6. dudefromacountry Says:

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    babes and guns!?!? AWESOME!!

  7. LegoFluff1996 Says:

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  8. gto3440 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    very imformative, as well as beautiful

  9. benner2000 Says:

    Damn! That’s hot;)

  10. see46 Says:

    Create a video blog

    mine is lol

  11. SStevenn1984 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    What a pretty!

    And the gun also looks nice! 😛

  12. Tompodung85 Says:

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    Damn she can shoot indeed

  13. MikeGause Says:

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    she makes me want to buy this gun

  14. Le39ek23tk Says:

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  15. icanskatebetterthanu Says:

  16. shadowblack1987 Says:

    I like! Yes!

  17. goblinhack Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    OMG she’d nailed it!!! i’m in love.

  18. CrazyProductions0002 Says:

    Create a video blog

    what is it shooting

  19. bubblefish17 Says:

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    Very nice quality video review! can see the gun parts very clear, and dont have to watch in high quality. :)

  20. bubblefish17 Says:

    Totally agreed.

  21. hchiyan Says:

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    its in the classic army shop in hong kong alreagy, i got 1, its pretty good!

  22. AustinTeretto Says:

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    that is sexy…. i’m talking about the gun, i swear! haha, i’m gonna get my hands on one of those as soon as i can. the svd is my favorite sniper rifle, and classic army is a great company. cant wait to get it. if only i had money =(

  23. mark134 Says:

  24. jordanr1504 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    so hope this doesnt have full auto

  25. alencore Says:

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