New Classic Army Sportline M15 Carbine RIS Airsoft Gun

August 27th, 2009 Posted in Games
spartanimports asked:

Classic Army's latest model, the Sportline M15 Carbine RIS with Crane Stock, is now being distibuted to dealers! The Sportline RIS includes a full metal rail system and high capacity Crane Stock. This affordable AEG is packed with other features, like the High Torque Motor, 300 Rd Metal Hi-Cap Magazine, High Precision Metal Gearbox, Metal Outer Barrel, Front Sight and Rear Sight, Metal Charging Handle and Bolt Cover, and more!

classic army airsoft

13 Responses to “New Classic Army Sportline M15 Carbine RIS Airsoft Gun”

  1. minimeairsoft Says:

  2. spartanimports Says:

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    @ShavedKnuckle Price may vary depending on your retailer, but it should be right around $185.

  3. ShavedKnuckle Says:

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    @spartanimports I’m interested in buying one but how much does it cost?

  4. spartanimports Says:

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    The Sportline Series is meant to be an inexpensive alternative to the higher priced AEGs on the market. The plastic body is more cost effective.

  5. kyleksesnipey Says:

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    does this have the same internals as the non-sportline version

  6. Eagle4294 Says:

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    ima buy one :)
    great gun, good vid, hot girl, 5/5!

  7. wormtrax Says:

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    good review. i tryed it and if shoots fast and acurate. the bad part is that has a plastic body. good parts are it CA gearbox and the upgradability it allows!

  8. deathwing98 Says:

    classic army airsoft

    @spartanimports Why no Metal body?

  9. spartanimports Says:

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    Try your local Airsoft shop. If you don’t know where to find one, try our locator on our website.

  10. spartanimports Says:

    classic army airsoft

    No, this model comes with a plastic body, but can be replaced with a metal body kit.

  11. deathwing98 Says:

    Does it have a Metal body like the other Sportlines (2009 ones)?

  12. 1first2blame1 Says:

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    where can i get 1?

  13. OurenV2 Says:

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