Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Review

July 22nd, 2009 Posted in Sports
alleywayairsoft asked:

The Tokyo Marui airsoft version of the Famous Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun. It has been used in several movies like Terminator, Jurassic Park, and the Matrix. Also in video games like Half-Life and Rainbow Six Vegas. For more HD reviews visit ... matrix terminator jurassic park half life rainbow six vegas airsoft SPAS 12 alleyway tokyo marui reviews guns

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  1. benzzodude Says:

  2. GoCubs19966 Says:

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    Solid vid. I’m buyin a couple of them

  3. kN5ack Says:

    HALF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. loulew Says:

    marui Airsoft

    trolls r fucking gay too gg

  5. Bigben6674 Says:

    Create a video blog

    tht game was for ps2 also i remember it it was an awesome gun


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    Ive heard it going to be in Modern Warfare 2

  7. morshusbigbomb Says:

  8. foroke1 Says:

  9. BRAVITS Says:

    Create a video blog

    airsofts r fucking gay

  10. FpsGamer43 Says:

    the were on the later levels when you had to walk on those big metal bridge/catwalk things or they might have given them to you when you fought and antlion gaurd

  11. FpsGamer43 Says:

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    and in all the half life games

  12. wretchedyouth Says:

    is it gas operated

  13. FalconMan1960 Says:

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    It’s featured in the original Xbox game “BLACK”. Amazing weapon.

  14. wymetehoriginal Says:

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    this is also in the conduit

  15. 1upD Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    It seems to perform exactly like the DE M56 and the UTG shotgun. Is the only difference the shape/model?

  16. pubmaster111 Says:

    no it cant its just 1 shell and 1 shell holds like 30 bbs

  17. katana567 Says:

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    can the gun load more than 1 shell like 3 or more?just asking.

  18. xangelinuyashax Says:

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    this gun is coming out in call of duty modern warefare 2 😀

  19. wanintenucks Says:

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    spas 12 FTW

  20. Proflutzn Says:

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    yea lol that was the joke man. im sorry u didnt find it funny

  21. thenewmindfreak Says:

  22. pyroguy7438 Says:

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    the best thing about the crossbow is that you can pin people to the wall and then beat up on it with the crowbar for hours on end : D

  23. thenewmindfreak Says:

    yeah, I agree. crossbow is the best for “sniping” the only sniper I could find was when I came out of ravenholm on the streets there was a combine sniper i killed him but didn’t get his sniper. :(

  24. pyroguy7438 Says:

    marui Airsoft

    oh well, mistakes happen. and yeah, the .357 is a pretty cool gun, but i wouldn’t say it as cool as the crossbow. now that thing is beast

  25. thenewmindfreak Says:

    marui Airsoft

    dude, it doesn’t matter, they have the same colors, so what?

  26. jummi jammi Says:

    I found that 15 dollar in flea market. Should I buy it?

  27. Last minute wyspy kanaryjskie Says:

    Your blog is very interesting. Thanks for the information.

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