Firing Type 89 Marui Airsoft Gun

August 10th, 2009 Posted in Sports
scapulapt asked:

Firing Type 89 Marui Airsoft Gun

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  1. paradise278 Says:

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    does weight even matter?

  2. KilledCookie Says:

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    the vibration damages the whole gearbox. and the mil-sim guys will burn your gun up and kill you because some real guns don’t dry-fire. Beware. They know where you live. they’ll give you a few welts with their low-caps. BEWARE!

  3. krazzykevin Says:

    Try firing is bad for AEGs. I’m not exactly sure why, it was explained to me once though, something about damaging the piston head or something.

  4. assassin616 Says:

  5. scapulapt Says:

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    Are you looking at the gun or the cameraman?? 😛
    The gun was bought in a Airsoft Shop in Portugal …

  6. quakershockey Says:

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    Camera man is fat look at shadows =P. Pretty sweet gun where’d you get it?

  7. BluntLikeWetMango Says:

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    Does anybody know if you can remove the rear sights on the Type 89? The rear sight partially obscures my scope, even with the peep-hole collapsed into the sight…

  8. Tormekian3rdArmy Says:

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  9. kamikaze3150 Says:

    marui Airsoft


  10. kelmark Says:

  11. therealelburrito Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    I want that gun so bad, i got a job and everything to pay for it but income is slow

  12. Imaslipper Says:

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    Nice gun dude those marui’s are awesome sweet!

  13. rextheracer Says:

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    great gun…just dont dry fire

  14. evanuijten Says:

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