Top 10 Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns

July 27th, 2009 Posted in Film
Teverty asked:

Top 10 Rifles in best airsoft rifles in world (my). Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns Music: Jerk it out - the caesars

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26 Responses to “Top 10 Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns”

  1. TawarischSniper Says:

    and the winner is the ak74, what else ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. pwnedskwrl Says:

    These are airsoft guns dipshit

  3. TheBloodgunz Says:

    marui Airsoft

    this video is shit why dont you say the fps or clip size or distance anyone can say any guns r the best!!!!!!!

  4. brosfight Says:

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    g36 is the best in my opinion, think whatever you want

  5. policemedic115 Says:

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    ya i think the g36c is no.2 and the thompson m1a1 is no.1

  6. jayavanmaele Says:

    marui Airsoft

    theirs no styer aug on cod4 what r they on about

  7. anttuspel Says:

  8. jayavanmaele Says:

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    THeir Crap HOnkk3I1

    I HAVE A

    HFC DESERT EAGLE–swaping it tomorrow for a JING GONG Styer aug a2

  9. PasilaFan Says:

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    Steyr aug is at least second or third -.-‘

  10. FLomyFLo Says:

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    HA its M4A1 carbine new type and btw… I think just becos this video is old but… the number 1 is a fucking joke… tm best gun ever is m.e.u and second best the g-spec then s-system then ak-47 then p90 then mp5 and so on

  11. sniper11235 Says:

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    ba da….chiiiing

  12. JasonChan2008 Says:

  13. ethalox Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    at #1, right after their hi-capa pistols ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. sniper11235 Says:

    jerk it out

  15. DrUmiiSt Says:

    marui Airsoft

    wheres the vsr-g spec =[

  16. NTKorigami96 Says:

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    what is the music?

  17. kyacee142000 Says:

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    ak is too heavy and quite long, using it in building site and is really a pain in the ass… thats y i changed to m4..

  18. H0nkk3l1 Says:

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    I have UHC Beretta and Marui SIG 552 Commando i like ยดem both so much!!!!!

  19. TheAirsoftArea Says:

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    wow everyones so addicted to ak-47’s. they’re not that good. first of the bolt goes from the back to the front then the back again for one shot so it has a large amount of recoil and it damages accuracy. Also its not accurate to begin with and not a very reliable gun over all. The m16 is much better but no one thinks so.

  20. AvengeJoker Says:

    Create a video blog

    hahahahaha you know as little as the video maker, you both haven’t even tried every of them

  21. irishwds12 Says:

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    I think you should do put the Thompson
    M1A1 in the video

  22. usshermantank Says:

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    ak 47 are alot better than alll those guns

  23. humanlyhuman Says:

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    no vsr10?

  24. deathy1994 Says:

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    lol mp7a1 is the best gun in the world accuracy and power of an assult riful mixed with the fire rate and compactness of a smg… Mp7a1 is the best

  25. xdrkb4nditx Says:

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    YES my 2 fav guns made it on the list the G36C and the MP5 =)

  26. tim viec lam Says:

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