Review of the ICS M4

July 6th, 2009 Posted in Howto
boomstickkole asked:

Basic review of the ICS M4 from , gives a quick rundown over the weapons features and specs. Direct Link

ics m4

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  1. legomindstormbuilder Says:

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    do they sell ras rails for this

  2. TehVern Says:

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    Yes, but on airsplat, its just the gun and it’s probobly a different brand or crappy metal. The one on Kapowwe is a bundle and is the newest version so it’s a lot more sturdy and a lot better

  3. aerostotle22 Says:

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    what i find odd is that on kapowwe it is 300 dollars and on get the exact same thing just with ris and a differnt mag for 100

  4. boomstickkole Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Not in the store, but I make frequent trips to the store to visit mith my buddies in the office.
    Naaaaa- my accent isnt near as strong :) lol
    Strong, but not that strong 😀 hahaha
    take care

  5. pyro0073 Says:

    ics m4

    Do you work there? Cause you have a tomball area accent lol.

  6. boomstickkole Says:

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    No, I dont own all of these guns, they belong to kapowwe :(
    But, I am allowed to borrow them for reviewing purposes :)

  7. pyro0073 Says:

    ics m4

    So how do you get so many guns? Do you have a huge collection of airsoft guns or something? I see you support (or work for?)Kapowwe, and I shop there for all my airsoft stuff, because they are my local airsoft shop and they have GREAT service!

    Nice videos btw! I think you allow me to really visualise how I would feel with the guns in my hands!

  8. Smudarking Says:

    I got an ICS M4 about 2-3 months ago. It is a very nice gun. Ive been through multiple airsoft battles with it and i have never had a problem with it yet.

    Nice video and review 😀

  9. kbairsoft Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    I live in the bay area and my ICS M4 broke. Where do I get it fixed? AE does not do ICS’s…

  10. Chronobeanz Says:

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    do you know how this would compare to it’s STAR counterpart?

  11. spenjh7 Says:

    ics m4

    alright thanks man. take care.

  12. boomstickkole Says:

    ics m4

    Personally, I have never shot a G&G
    but from what Ive heard, they are fairly reliable- I hear of few lemons.
    I personally would go with ICS just because I am more familiar with them as they seem to be more common.

  13. spenjh7 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    hey kole good review man, would you reccommend this gun over the g&g m4?

  14. kyleb005 Says:

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    ok thansks

  15. randomguy9898 Says:

    i wish i had one. :(

  16. boomstickkole Says:

  17. kaimbanks Says:

    Actually, it weighs in at 8.9 pounds….

  18. kyleb005 Says:

    is that huge sticker on the side of the reciver come with it on the gun and if so can you take it off?

  19. imbordashell Says:

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    well right now i am stuck bettewn the M4carbine and the M4 cqb maybe i’ll just get the M4 carbine i saw one with olympic arms trademark and is the 2007 verison

  20. imbordashell Says:

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    can you do a review on the ICS CQB M4 pistol i thinking about getting one off kappowe next week because i wana know how accurite it is and what it all includes before i get it

  21. boomstickkole Says:

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    I think I just got a bad lemon :(

  22. boomstickkole Says:

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    Go with an ICS :)
    it should last very long and deliver great preformance

  23. Dragonforce1771 Says:

    Create a video blog

    well a ca m15a4 is relieable.i played 11 airsoft battles with that thing and didnt break.i think because its not working is a missing piece or a sudden mistreat i dunno

  24. imbordashell Says:

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    well i have $350 togather what is the best gun for a 6 acre forest and brush area theres spots for cqb to about 170 feet or more it doesn’t have to cost $350 but it could i just need a very good gun with good range and durably and won’t brake alot

  25. boomstickkole Says:

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    The original m4? I would say yes- I had the original CA M15A4 and it lasted one airsoft game and broke :( in total it broke 3 times before I got a different gun.
    ICS is very reliable, according to what I could test, as well as several customer accounts. Honestly, I wish that I had bought the ICS m4 instead of the CA. I have yet to hear one complaint about ICS :)

    Not that CA is bad- Ive been a big CA fan. But they produce some lemons here and there just as every other brand.

  26. Boomstickkole Says:

    I had a CA M15A4 for a while, broke on me three times as well – ended up disposing of it and getting other guns from various makes – all of which are apparently more reliable than CA and have proven to be such

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