D-Boys BI-5181 full metal AEG review

June 26th, 2009 Posted in Education
checkorbet907 asked:

My review the dboys M4 ris full metal aeg... enjoy! ... dboys bi-5181 b1-3381 aeg airsoft review full metal weapon marui ics gearbox

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  1. Shawn5030 Says:

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    if by front compartment you mean the mock peq box. i think u can fit 9.6. But i dont think you can fit it in the ris since you cant open it

  2. japanesepank Says:

    ics gearbox

    is there any other battery that can be housed in the front compartment?

  3. popcap200 Says:

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    Where did you get it

  4. Shawn5030 Says:


    yea its nessecary its used because the battery is to big to fit inside.

  5. Harstad85 Says:

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    Im considering buying this weapon, but the main issue is: The holder you put the battery in and attach to the weapon, is it nessecary? Like other guns I’ve seen, you hide the battery in the handle or inside the ris thing:P

  6. Rampage762 Says:

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    Duct Tape makes everything better

  7. bamosido Says:

  8. McGheesMongrols519 Says:

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    how do you get the sling mount on? the instructions dont cover that

  9. awesome555111 Says:

    ics gearbox

    do you know where i could get a lazer “prefrerably green” for my DI-5181 airsoft gun? I thought it came with it but when i got it it wasn’t in the box.

  10. awesome555111 Says:

    ics gearbox

    yes i have the box on the side of mine i actually recomend having on the side too because when its on top its in the way of the sight.

  11. Changmoblie45 Says:

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    did u get it at rsov?

  12. azngoldflame Says:

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    is it possible to attach the mock lazer box on the side?

  13. airsoftgunner10 Says:

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    what do you mean i dont have pride in my country i didnt know you had the authority to tell me the only reason i can use the word is when i have to have pride in my country and yes i do have pride in the USA but i said because yes i did feel badass because we are talking about guns and guns are badass and im black so no im not a redneck

  14. yomamaspetbeaver Says:

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    Nope, I’m calling you an ignorant redneck because you say it to seem badass, not because you take pride in your country. If you happen to have airsoft in your account name then you shouldn’t be talking about the USMC

  15. airsoftgunner10 Says:

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    so you are calling the USMC a bunch of uneducated rednecks?leave it up to this guy to make my comment look stupid and ignorant……only on youtube

  16. yomamaspetbeaver Says:

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    Dont put oorah at the back of your comment, makes you seem like an uneducated redneck.

  17. contender056 Says:

  18. AznMaster24 Says:

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    how do you take off the flash hider? i cant seem to take it off on mine

  19. airsoftgunner10 Says:

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    i have the CA sportline i like the d boys
    AK series more though i just like how powerful they look


  20. bluegrant96 Says:

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    dude i got that off of evike for 160 and its an awsome gun ,i mounted my m203 grenade launcher, i also mounted a a&k electric winding box mag and a 50 buck laser off of evike and my gun is amazing the handle is shity he’s right but i dont use it its got 400 fps awsome firepower its perfect absolutly perfect ive lost count of how many kills ive gotten at the airsoft parkwith this gun the m203 for med /close range ,percectly ajusted laser and 5000 rounds for shooting awosme gun get it!!:P

  21. AznMaster24 Says:

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    is the one from airsplat an orange tip?

  22. ClupeGuitar Says:

  23. pekal9 Says:

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    I’ve got the same :) The box for battery annoyed me :/

  24. ftballfolife721 Says:

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    n wat did u put on the stock to stop the wobble??

  25. ftballfolife721 Says:

    ics gearbox

    should i get this gun or the d-boys m4 cqb

  26. Gerard Lattanzi Says:

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