Gearbox problems

July 6th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
airsofthawaii asked:

I am haveing some trouble with my Ver.3 AK gearbox. I resently switched my CYMA gearbox shell with a Tokyo Marui geabox shell. ... airsoft gearbox AK 47 problems

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25 Responses to “Gearbox problems”

  1. herulf123 Says:

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    yup i think your right

  2. milsimaustralia Says:

    airsoft gearbox

    so’d ya fix it?

  3. koreywhitley Says:

    your gears might be shimmed to tightly and your motor cant spin the gears

  4. koreywhitley Says:

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    one that motor isnt the best and two you need a new spring on the selector switch

  5. randomaznkenny Says:

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    actually once you get used to it they are easy

  6. njas6 Says:

    the brushes on the motor are worn down

  7. TheFatAssCat Says:

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    go fuck a squirrel

  8. TheFatAssCat Says:

    let someone like your local or online airsof store fix it for you. dont mess with the eternals, its not easy

  9. 7subaru4 Says:

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    The problem is your motor is not enought powerfull change your motor or upgrad for a 10.8V battery

  10. zanderwitaz Says:

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    if its your semi auto cut off lever,and this is a out of a g36 its supposed to wobble. thats because there is a plastic bracket on the outside that goes in with one of the gearbox screws and holds the spring that puts force on the semi auto cut off lever and forces it on the gear

  11. ACIDTOTAL Says:

  12. drum00 Says:

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    i dont mess arond that

  13. Jodid0 Says:

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    I had the same problem, same solution: Bad shimming + wrong motor height. Now it works really well.

  14. AirsoftHawaii09 Says:

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    Message me through my new account.

  15. EUMP Says:

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    how did you get it out – i need loads of help with this!

  16. AirsoftHawaii09 Says:

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    Yeah, I did fix it. The problem was both bad shimming and motor hight. Check out my new profile for the updated videos.

  17. Hotdogsex4 Says:

    airsoft gearbox

    did you solve the problem…It looks to me as if you shimed it wrong. When shimming you want to take out everything and do one gear at a time. Then putting them all in and seeing how freely they spin. after makeing adjustment you can go and put in everything else and you should gain your rof back. Oh and that peice that wobbles…it is suposed to make contact with the gear that pulls back the piston. Hopefully this helps.

  18. AirsoftHawaii09 Says:

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    Thanks I think? I am 13 but I have been with airsoft guns when I was 11.

  19. mikogel Says:

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    okay it sounds like your battery may be too old how old is it?

  20. menter555 Says:

    airsoft gearbox

    thats a pos battery,ull going to need a 9.6 or a 8.4 2000+ to run it well

  21. Grasshopper257 Says:

    airsoft gearbox

    listen you do all these upgrades and yet you dont sound like an adult how old are you you have any experience? cause if id do all that stuff id fuck up my gun

  22. Shhadow74 Says:

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    please do youl like it much more

  23. airsofthawaii Says:

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    It mostly stocked parts! Its the original tappet plate.

  24. airsofthawaii Says:

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    No, the spring is in there and its a stocked spring..

  25. muellr1369 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    also, for your wiring problem, try to get someone who you know is skilled with saudering and wiring electrical shit in general to help you. make sure if you have bought a new tapet plate (the plastic piece that connects to the air nozzel that the gears move back) make sure it’s the right one for a version 3 gearbox because my friend accidentally put a version 2 tapet plate in my version 3 geearbox and my trigge would like every time i pulled it back. hope this helped you.

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