ICS M4 Pistol Review

June 28th, 2009 Posted in Entertainment
TheAirsoftReviewer1 asked:

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24 Responses to “ICS M4 Pistol Review”

  1. TheAirsoftReviewer1 Says:

    You could, i might look ridiculous however

  2. takakura94 Says:

    I need a responce from anyone really, do you think i would be able to fit a short barreled 40mm grenade launcher on the barrel of this, or is the RIS too short?

    Please help =3=

  3. ytuber1985 Says:

    i have this same gun and it is a good gun altogether. The only upgrades i have done to mine is a stock, cylinder head,spring and a deepfire piston and when i play with it i can out range damn near anybody on the field.

  4. cjmyers505 Says:

    This is a nice copy. Looks very similar to my real M4 pistol, with the exception of extension on the end for the buffer spring, and $800.00. LOL

  5. pvtcody Says:

    Many thanks for the review-so good i bought one! .Quick question when using the forward assist,do i remove the mag,fire on semi 2-3 times to clear bb’s-THEN use the forward assist button?

  6. DYNASTYxPRO Says:

    hey i was wondering if there was a gun for about the same price but better than this as a primary. like a full m4 or any full sized rifle.

  7. DYNASTYxPRO Says:

    im geeting it .finally a shooting video it sounds sexy

  8. SCHWEBS7 Says:

    im getting the non CQB version praobly it goes over 400 fps and its excate replica of the real gun and it full metal
    im getting for 60 bucks =]

  9. paintballz4ever Says:

    is this the same model that airsplat sells?

  10. ajsnuker Says:

    awesome thanks $120 worth of range lol =[) i get what you’re saying thanks! I’m getting it =[)

  11. TheAirsoftReviewer1 Says:

    Not to bad, maybe up to like $120, i didn’t get a chance to field it.

  12. ajsnuker Says:

    would you say this is relatively accurate at up to 100-150 feet?

  13. smafugula3423 Says:

    thats just retarded lol

  14. guitar1017 Says:

    wat kind of battery does this gun use?? nunchucks or regular shape battery

  15. TheAirsoftReviewer1 Says:

    I theory, with the right parts and a longer barrel, it could be possible, but not very rational.

  16. TheAirsoftReviewer1 Says:

    Around $200

  17. Bailoaf702 Says:

    how much does it cost

  18. motopyro Says:

    i have that gun it is way nice and it never jams good review

  19. Madhouse255 Says:

    The stubby killer and m4 pistol are completely different in any and all ways, I should know since I do own both of them and they are amazing; but the stubby killer just can’t match up to the ICS M4.

  20. PivotJack Says:

    lol i thought you meant you’d snipe with it 😛

  21. skateandairsoft Says:

    dose any one know a website that sells just theone point sling back mount?

  22. TakfireII Says:

    Nice work!
    AIRDOG Airsoft will probably donate an Echo1 E-90 or the 614 for the next review.
    Keep up the good reviews!

  23. MP7ASB Says:

    You didn’t tell us that the forward assist is a spring release.

  24. SoManyNamesUsed Says:

    littlebigplanet music >:3

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