Need a cheap airsoft vest?

December 15th, 2008 Posted in Hunting
Airsoft vest
Adam B asked:

If anyone can give me a link to a good ebay seller or website that sells airsoft vest real cheap but still have allot of pockets. I dont want to spend anything more than 30 dollars for the vest and shipping.
I said a vest, did i say jacket, thats the kinda fucked up mistake that will make you end up dead karl u fucking smartass
hey fucko first off I'm not using it for airsoft and second of all u use it to hold clips u moron so finish middle school first and act all tough somewhere else. Its real fucking stupid that u try to start fights on the Internet

10 Responses to “Need a cheap airsoft vest?”

  1. TuRf CeRtIfIeD Says:

    Swat vest 45$

    tactical vest (many colors) 40$

    7 Pouch chest rig (really ugly haha) 18$

    hope this helped but most good vests are around 70, but these are pretty good too

  2. Karl Says:

    use a jacket

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