Airsoft Vest?

December 19th, 2008 Posted in Other - Outdoor Recreation
Airsoft vest
Michael E asked:

alright so im gettin a new vest along with some pouches and i found what i need but cant decide which color i like best i narrowed it down, and its beween ACU and OD but i just cant choose what should i get

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3 Responses to “Airsoft Vest?”

  1. Vandyfan333 Says:

    why can’t you decide. Its not like your picking which ones of your parents will die. Since when is OD and ACU a color, they sound like diseases. Why would you need a vest? Just get some big pockets you wus.

  2. rawrdinoah Says:

    since those other answers don’t know what OD and ACU are i’ll have to help you out. I’d go with ACU if you like it. some people absolutely repulse it while some cannot stay away. OD can get kinda boring, depends on where you play and what color the pouches are. personally i like the tan/coyote if it fits your environment. Same for ACU. I’d go ACU if it fits your play environment. ACU is known to sometimes not blend as well but I don’t see a noticable difference. OD sometimes comes pretty bright so…

    just pick what works best.
    I’d go ACU

  3. ??????? Says:

    Great Post!! Thank you very much!

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