Paintball Vs. Airsoft Guns

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Michiel Van Kets asked:

Whether you prefer Paintball or Airsoft is entirely a matter of personal choice, although both games have similar attributes, they commonly attract different markets. Paintball is characterized by its fast pace and hard hitting action, whilst Airsoft players welcome team participation, using tactics and strategies.

The guns used in airsoft and paintball are quite different; Airsoft guns and rifles, whether gas, electric or sniper rifles or spring guns, are popular as they are highly realistic replicas of military guns and a relatively cheaper option. The main difference between the types of gun is that paintball guns have a hopper that the paintballs are poured into, whereas airsoft guns use clips. Clips make loading and unloading a straightforward process and the extra clips are light to carry. In paintball a belt or vest is necessary to hold the big cylinders of paintballs.

Start up packages for Airsoft or Paintball are around the same price, however, further costs are incurred when purchasing ammunition and carrying out any maintenance and repairs to the guns. Taken as a whole, Airsoft guns work out less expensive as Airsoft pellets are a lot cheaper to produce than paintballs are and the ammunition used makes the guns less liable to ‘jam.’ The biggest outlay is the purchase of the Airsoft gun, after this initial cost everything extra is relatively cheap.

Airsoft guns have a longer range than paintball guns with most Airsoft guns shooting between 250fps to 600fps, an Airsoft pellet will also travel a lot further than a paintball pellet will.

Ammunition used in games is paintballs and 6mm BBs in airsoft games. Games can be played in woods/forests or in an open area, if the area is wooded the paintballs can have a problem reaching their target as the trees and bushes stop their progress and can even break them. Airsoft pellets are much smaller and the likelihood of them hitting something in the way is less probable.

Airsoft guns are more accurate than paintballs, so games are concluded faster as targets are hit. Players can also easily avoid paintballs, if they see it coming in beforehand it’s quite easy to move out of its way, whereas Airsoft pellets are too small to see when they are traveling at a high speed and would be very difficult to avoid.

Airsoft guns are much easier to maneuver with as they are lightweight and easy to hold, whilst paintball guns tend to be large and unwieldy with external CO2 and N2 or compressed air cylinders. Also, the hopper can occasionally get in the way.

Paintball guns need to be oiled, regularly cleaned and refilled each time you want to play. If you own a gas airsoft gun it will also need refilling each time you play, but electric and spring airsoft guns require no gas at all. Both types of guns will require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good working condition. Although a simple process, paintball guns will need the barrel cleaned on a regular basis and they do have more parts than airsoft guns proving more costly to fix.

Both Paintball and Airsoft guns each have their individual advantages and disadvantages. How the gun looks, costs, speed and effectiveness will all contribute towards the final decision you make.

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Caring For Your Airsoft Guns

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Don J asked:

Proper operation and care of your airsoft guns can go a long way in maintaining the appearance and functionality of your weapons. The items needed are very inexpensive and readily available: damp cloth, silicon, cleaning rod, and barrels squabs.

Using a good quality BB in your airsoft gun will do more to insure its proper function than any other aspect of operation and maintenance. You need to insure that you use a high quality double polish BB. Using an inferior BB will introduce your gun to seams, burs, pits, and non spherical shapes, any one of these defects can jam your airsoft gun causing a cascade of mechanical failures.

Apply lubricant to your airsoft gun frequently. Remember to use one hundred percent silicon oil, as any other type of oil will have side effects on seals and other parts slowly decreasing your guns performance and reliability. For those models that utilize a hop-up, the application of silicon oil will help keep this critical piece of rubber from drying out and becoming useless. Apply silicon oil into the feed tube on electric models and for gas airsoft guns you will have to perform a partial disassembly in order to lubricate them properly.

The inner barrel of your airsoft gun will need to be cleaned religiously. Any dirt or debris within these tight quarters will at the very least decrease your range and accuracy of your airsoft gun. In the worst case scenario debris may be significant enough to cause a BB to jam. If a jam occurs, especially in an electric model, the subsequent BBs may cause severe damage.

The magazines used in your airsoft gun may periodically need a little silicon oil to provide proper feeding. For those using a large electric box magazine, you may find coating the inside of your box magazine with a very light layer of silicon will help with feeding and minimize jams. Remove BBs from your magazines before you store them, as BBs left in the magazine will keep the spring compressed and decrease its effectiveness overtime.

The externals of airsoft guns tend to require only a damp cloth to remove the dust and grime from playing. However, outer barrels, screw heads, fasteners, etc will need some form of oil from time to time in order to ward off surface rust and insure proper function.

Depending on how much you utilize your electric airsoft guns, it may be beneficial to have the mechanical box disassembled and serviced. This service usually includes replacing any items that show wear, re-shimming the gears for proper fits, and the application of a lubricant to gears themselves. Most players will use an airsoft shop for this service or have someone in their group that has experience in this type of service.

A few simple steps can be taken to insure you get the most out of your day's game and increase the longevity of your equipment. Most steps can be completed with just a few low cost readily available items.

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All About Airsoft

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Justin Kander asked:

Airsoft by definition is a sport where players simulate military or law enforcement combat by using airsoft guns (which look a lot like real guns, to add to the realism) and other airsoft gear. The game of airsoft was developed in Japan, where firearms were (and still are) almost impossible to get without resorting to illegal means. An alternative was developed, and that alternative was airsoft. Because of this, it is no surprise that airsoft is actually most popular in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea (North Korea is more interested in using real guns!)

The basic point of airsoft is to shoot other players with airsoft guns, thereby getting them out and pushing your team closer to victory. Because of the nature of the game, safety items such as helmets and cups must be used (the only way one could get seriously injured in airsoft is if they were hit in the face, especially eyes, and that is why the mask is the most important safety feature). Unlike paintball (a very similiar sport), no splatters are made on the skin or clothes, and unless the person yells that they are out, you will not know if they are hit. That is why the game of airsoft relies on the “Honor System”, where players lift their gun up and say, “Hit”. Also, one player on each team is usually designated as a medic, to revive players so they can resume play. Without medics, people who got hit very early would have to wait for a long time until the next game (with paintball, medics are hardly ever incorporated into play). Weapon hit rules vary depending on the game. Usually, a weapon being hit is the same as the player being hit, but if the person has a sidearm, rules can be modified so that the person just is not allowed to use their primary and must instead only use the sidearm.

The three types of airsoft guns are spring, electric, and gas. Spring guns are usually cheap but can get very expensive if they fire at a high FPS. Electric, also known as AEG, guns are powered by a battery and the main advantage is that they are automatic, but are generally not very powerful unless upgraded. Gas guns are the most powerful, and gases supported include carbon dioxide, propane, green gas, red gas, and high pressure air (HPA). Red gas is not legal in many states because its pressure is so high.

The items used for airsoft extend far beyond just the guns. Grenades, vests, belts, extra magazines, speed loaders, and of course safety gear can be purchased and utilized. The initial costs for airsoft can be quite heavy (depending on how you look at it), but after that, all one needs are more pellets and perhaps grenades, gun upgrades, or extra accessories. When airsoft pellets are bought in the bulk, you can save a lot of money, so it is wise to buy a lot at one time.

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A Closer Look At The Airsoft Guns

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Bowe Packer asked:

There are many types of games that people play - both for play and to better their skills. One such game is called airsoft which has players using military manner tactics to play a form of hide and tag. The item that is exploited to "tag" the other team's players is that of airsoft guns. These guns re-create actual guns that are used in many battle situations, they are however of a non-lethal type.

So, we will now get into the airsoft guns in a little bit of detail. Basically, outlining and summing up the things about the gun and the game. For starters we will go into a brief description of the types that are on the market today.

The airsoft guns come in a variety of forms. You can see airsoft guns that look like AK-47s, airsoft pistols like Desert Eagles, Glock airsoft pistols, M16 airsoft rifles, airsoft Uzi machine guns and many others. And when we say they look like these weapons, it would blow your mind on a few of how similar they are in looks. Later we will give you the number one give away as to identifying these from the real deal. In addition to these types of guns you will see Co2 BB shot guns being used, electric style guns and gasoline powered airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns in the beginning were created as an alternative form of recreational bb hunting and formal hunting guns. The people who used these guns enjoyed being able to perfect their skills and abilities without having to worry about the assorted dangers that are prevalent with other types of firearms. This is also not to mention the environment in which you could actually use these alternate forms of guns. Now, lets get into a little bit about the functionality of the airsoft gun.

The airsoft guns use various mechanisms to impel a small measure of air into the firing chamber so that the 6mm plastic pellets that are used as ammunition can be targeted with greater accuracy. Let me just tell you, this short burst of air can be somewhat shocking at first. But, don't worry you get use to it quickly. Each of these types of guns have been modeled after well known gun brands. This feel of realness to detail makes airsoft gun collecting an interesting spare-time activity for many people. Trust me you can spend a great sum of money on this activity these days too.

The world of airsoft guns and their ammo has spread to many parts of the world but there are a few countries where it is illegal to play or own assorted types of airsoft bb guns. The main point that distinguishes these types of guns from real guns is that the tip of the gun barrel is paint in a vivid orangish color. This color serves as a very important part of the gun.

This colored tip indicates that the replica gun is a toy gun. Hence the removal or over painting of this orangish gun barrel tip is a Federal violation. You can use airsoft guns without needing a permit in many countries yet you should see what the laws are regarding the use of these toy guns. Remember, these guns are for fun and to sharpen your skills.

You can find airsoft guns in many specialty hobby stores as well as online. The shops will only sell their stock of airsoft guns to individuals who are over eighteen, realize and understand what violating the gun laws can mean. When you do purchase an airsoft gun make sure it works according to your liking and understand the stores policy on returns, if for some reason you find a defect with it.

With so many different types of airsoft guns in the market today you can find many that will appeal to your imaginativeness and your skill level. They come in all shapes, sizes and cost. So, do your research and identify what your needs are for this type of gun. And remember, be safe and treat this gun like you would any other gun - with care and safety. Good luck and good tag hunting.

How Airsoft Guns Work

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Justin Kander asked:

Like any advanced device (anything beyond the six simple machines or the advanced machines that come from simply combining a few of the six simple ones), airsoft guns are uniquely designed and, in some instances, are quite complex. There are three types of airsoft guns; spring, electric, and gas. The types refer to the mechanism used for firing airsoft ammunition, which happen to be 6mm or 8mm small, spherical pellets. In most cases, the pellets are plastic, but 6mm paintballs can be used as well.

Airsoft guns differ from paintball guns mostly in their appearance. Airsoft guns are made to be replicas of real guns, so that the game has a more militaristic feel. Also, airsoft guns can be powered in numerous ways, while paintball is basically limited only to various gases (even airsoft guns can be powered with more gases than paintball).

As stated, there are three types of airsoft guns; each one will be gone over briefly (individual types will be gone over in-depth in their own article). The first is spring. Spring guns cannot be automatic nor semi-automatic, as you need to cock (achieved by pulling back the slide on pistols, or pulling the grip on a shotgun) the gun for each shot. As the name says, springs are used to propel the plastic pellet out through the muzzle. To recap, first the user must cock the gun, activating the spring, and then pull the trigger, which releases the spring and shoots out the pellet. The means of firing for this type of airsoft gun are relatively simple, as you can see.

Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs (for airsoft electric guns, or automatic electric guns), also use springs as the method of propulsion. However, a battery powers the spring, which enables AEGs to be automatic or semi-automatic. Another bonus is that AEGs are usually more powerful than spring, and although there are several spring guns available that shoot at a higher velocity (but those are expensive spring guns versus cheap AEGs), electric guns are widely believed to be superior.

Finally, there are gas airsoft guns. These kinds of airsoft guns use pressurized gas as the means of propulsion. There are several different kinds of gas used, the most popular being green gas, although carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and high-pressure air can be used. Like AEGs, gas guns are capable of both automatic and semi-automatic fire. When using a gas airsoft gun, the velocities can be adjusted, which can be very useful in some situations.

As a means of being fed ammunition, magazines are used most of the time. For some magazines (hi-cap magazines), it is necessary to cycle a mechanism on the bottom of the clip in order to help feed the airsoft gun with pellets. However, with the other types of magazines, it is not necessary to do this.

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Airsoft Vs. Paintball

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Justin Kander asked:

Airsoft and paintball are pretty similar sports, and they can be played exactly the same way. There are a few key differences, such as that airsoft is used more in military and law enforcement reenactments than paintball. In this sense, gameplay can differ, but people use paintball guns for reenactments as well (just not as often). If you look at the big picture, the games aren’t that different, but sometimes strategy and tactics must be changed depending on the specs of your and your opponent’s gun.

The guns used in airsoft and paintball differ greatly. Paintball guns have a hopper that you pour paintballs into, while airsoft guns use clips. Therefore, loading and unloading is usually easier in airsoft, as is carrying around extra clips. In paintball, you need to have a vest or belt to put large cylinders of paintballs into. That doesn’t mean that airsoft has paintball trumped in this category. Paintball guns can usually carry more ammo than an airsoft gun, and you can still reload relatively quickly.

Ammunition; paintballs in paintball, 6mm BBs in airsoft. This is an important thing to consider. In a forest, there are many tiny branches that can break paintballs, thus stopping them from reaching their target. You have to find a very open area without any obstructions. Airsoft pellets are very small and the likelihood of them hitting tiny obstacles is miniscule. Also, in many cases they can be more accurate than paintballs, so it may not take as much time for a game to end as it might with paintball. The speed, in FPS, of airsoft is also usually higher (between 300fps and 400fps). It can be as low as 120fps, but that isn’t very efficient in an airsoft game. Paintballs can also be dodged; it doesn’t happen often, but if you see one coming toward you in advance it is easy to move out of the way. Airsoft pellets are too small to see at a high-speed, and dodging is basically out of the question. Therefore, overall, in the case of ammunition, airsoft has the advantage.

The next item on the list is maneuverability. Airsoft guns are definitely easy to hold and run with, while with paintball there are big and bulky external CO­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2 and N2 (or compressed air) containers. Also, the hopper can sometimes get in the way. One gets used to how paintball guns are made, but shooting an airsoft gun is, well, somewhat of a relief. Some people have made advanced apparatuses where CO­2 is on their backs, and a tube from the paintball gun coils around into the tank on their back. I personally saw a man with two paintball guns, each with two tubes extending from the guns to the back-CO2 tanks. It was pretty cool. Anyways, it is clear that airsoft beats paintball in maneuverability.

Another important thing is maintenance. Paintball guns you do need to oil, clean, and of course refill CO2­ (depending on how much you play, frequently). If you have a gas airsoft gun, that will also needed to be refilled, but electric and spring airsoft guns require no gas at all. Both kinds of guns can break if not properly maintained. Paintball guns need the barrel regularly cleaned, although that is relatively simple. Most of the time, paintball guns have more parts than airsoft guns, and they may be more costly to repair, but crucial problems rarely occur in either gun type.

The thing about airsoft is people can cheat very easily. In paintball, the ball explodes and the paint is very visible on the person. Sure, one could wipe off the paint, but people rarely risk it because if they are caught, well, they are in trouble. However, somebody can get hit in airsoft and just shake it off. If there are two very competitive people playing, and they keep getting hit, one or the other can’t really prove it, unless they are close enough up to see the pellet hit the person. Airsoft relies on the honesty system, and sometimes that isn’t enough. 6mm paintballs are always an option, but they can break in the barrel, and that causes problems.

The superior product really is a matter of opinion, as there is no clear-cut winner. Each type of gun has its own advantages and disadvantages. Usually, if you start with paintball, you’ll stick with paintball, and likewise with airsoft.

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Airsoft Compared to Paintball

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airsoftguns asked:

There are many ways in which the games of paintball and Airsoft are quite similar. However, the games really are not the same thing. For this reason, a lot of people have a tendency of getting confused.

Origin Of The Game

Airsoft was developed in Japan in the late 1970s when gun hobbyists needed an alternative since the private ownership of firearms was illegal at that time. For this reason, there was a heavy emphasis placed upon making accurate replicas of real firearms and upon the “military” aspects of the game itself. This is also why the game is so popular throughout Asia, where paintball is nearly non-existent.

On the other hand, paintball was developed in the United States in 1981 as a variation of hide and seek tag. Herein the use of utility companies' paint marking guns are used and their functioning is more important than their aesthetic qualities. This game has rapidly gained great popularity in the United States where it has a family-friendly image.

The Need For An Honor System

In Airsoft there is an “honor system” that is used in which the players rely upon one another to be honest enough to admit that they have been hit since the plastic pellets do not leave marks on clothing. On the other hand, in paintball this system is not needed because paint marks are left on the person's clothing.

The Kinetic Energy Behind The Game

There is relatively little kinetic energy transfer in Airsoft as compared to paintball. In fact, the comparison is as follows... An Airsoft projectile weighs .2 grams while a paintball projectile weighs 2.84 grams. If both of them are traveling at 300 feet, or 90 meters, per second an Airsoft projectile will transfer .8 joules of energy while a paintball projectile will transfers 11.8 joules of energy. As you can see, this is a considerable difference and thus there are different types of collisions that occur.

Shooting Range

An Airsoft gun has more range than a paintball gun. In fact, most Airsoft guns can shoot between 250fps to 600fps. If you place a hop-up unit on the gun, then this will put a backspin on the gun and give it a slightly upward arc. With this in mind, you should also know that an Airsoft pellet will travel a lot farther than a paintball pellet will.

Cost Of The Game

If you are a new player who is trying to decide between playing Airsoft or paintball, then you should know that a beginning package for either of these games is roughly equivalent in terms of cost. However, the major difference in price comes in when you are dealing with ammunition and upkeep of your equipment. Herein Airsoft guns are less expensive because of the ammunition that is used making the guns less prone to "jamming." Plus, Airsoft pellets are a lot cheaper to manufacture than paintballs are.

The most expensive piece of equipment are the guns. While you will pay between $20 and $70 for a low-quality electric Airsoft gun, a high-quality one can cost more than $300 and custom guns can cost more than $2,000.

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The Airsoft Skirmish Game

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Tony Bargas asked:

The Airsoft Skirmish Game has it's roots in the higher-power skirmish game of paintball. There is some contention in the Airsoft community, as to when the first true 'Airsoft' model was marketed, but what is known, is that an American air gun manufacturer, Daisy, marketed what they called a Softair gun in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which fired a miniature 6mm hollow plastic shuttlecock-like projectile, and incredibly low speeds, from a toy gun. The intention, it would appear, was to develop a new market for its products. They succeeded, and a new generation of rifle shooters was born.

This series of softair guns are generally thought, on balance, to be the ancestors of what we now know as Airsoft models.

Shortly after Daisy marketed their softair guns, Tokyo Marui, then marketing self-assembly plastic replica gun kits, modified some of their designs to fire the same form of projectile. Within five or so years, they had all but halted production of the 1:1 replica kits, and gone into full-time production of virtually 1:1 self-assembly low powered 'ASGK' Airsoft kits, firing a new 6mm spherical plastic projectile. Within another five or so years, in the early 1990s, spring powered Airsoft models became 'old news', as the first generation of Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns, or AEGs, were marketed, not as self-assembly kits, but ready to use out-of-the-box models, of remarkable realism and accuracy to the real-world counterparts that they represented.

The rest is history, as well over ten main-stream manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and other p art s of the far east, have sprung up to supply a brand new hobby sport, that uses these models in mock-combat games, called Airsoft Skirmish Games.

So, now we know the history of the models, how about the game?

The original hobby sport combat game is, of course, paintball, and this has been so well documented over the years, that it would be redundant to go into its origins here. However, paintball is illegal in Japan , which has probably the strictest firearms laws on the planet. This means that no-one may own any form of firearm privately, without a great deal of red tape to comply with, making it, for all intents and purposes, a non-starter. The same applies to paintball markers, which, as I understand it, are classified as firearms in Japan .

However, the Japanese, due to their culture of group-led activities, do enjoy combat games. How they accomplished this prior to Airsoft models being manufactured is beyond me (do you know? PLEASE tell me!), but the introduction of these models gave them the edge they needed to develop the hobby sport, which they get involved in, in truly massive numbers; it's not unusual for there to be well over 100 players at any given playing venue, on any given playing day, and well over 500 players at a competition/convention event!

The rules to the game originated in Japan . Similar to the Paintball Skirmish game, there are one or two major differences. Firstly, the Airsoft models have a much lesser range than paintball 'markers'; second, there are no paint gel projectiles used in the Airsoft Skirmish game, thus an honor system predominates. The fact that paint is not used to mark your opponent could have been a major problem. However, since personal honor is a way of life and culture in Japan , an d disgrace follows a cheat in that country, they found that to get the rules to work, all they needed to do was rely on their innate codes of personal honor. Thus, if you were hit by an Airsoft projectile in a game, you were required to declare this, and remove yourself from the game. It worked, too, as cheating tends to spoil the fun of the game for every one else involved. The basic rules were, therefore:

You cannot use physical force, as the object of the game is to shoot the opposition, and have fun - it is, after all, only a game.

If you're hit, you're out of the game.

These are the rules that form the basis of the Airsoft Skirmish Game, and, for all practical purposes, have not changed one bit.

The game then grew, moving to Hong Kong , Korea , Taiwan , and the Philippines . It was then only a matter of time before other countries saw, and adopted the game. It appeared in America and Canada at about the same time, and Europe during the mid 1990s, but it is only in the last three to five years, that the hobby sport has started to thrive in the UK.

Now, in mid 2000 AD, there are well over twenty playing sites in the mainland UK alone, and more planned. However, the feature that appeals to the hobbyists most of all, is also the most controversial feature: the realistic nature of the models used in the game. It was therefore paramount to professional site operators that some checks and balances were imposed, in the form of self-regulation. This has resulted in an unwritten code of conduct, that, broadly speaking, mirrors air weapon rules. These unwritten rules appear to be codified into the following:

No one under the age of seventeen (18 in the USA - this text added by Strike Back Now 6-18-04) should be permitted to purchase an Airsoft model.

Airsoft models should NOT be shown in public places, and the Safety rules that apply to real air weapons and firearms should, in the most p art , apply to Airsoft models.

So far, then, this seems to be a good start , and would appear to work in the majority of cases. It remains to be seen if the APAC campaign will result in a more formal code of conduct for the UK Airsoft scene, but one lives in hope.

This, in mid 2000 AD, is where the hobby is at. A minor, but legal (if somewhat controversial to some), hobby sport, enjoyed by hundreds of people around the country. In any event, both the technology, and the hobby, appear to be here to stay - and long may that continue!

How to play:

To get started playing Airsoft all you really need is an Airsoft Gun (if it’s a spring gun) and some BBs. The most affordable guns start at under $20, so Airsoft is a hobby that virtually anyone can afford. Once you have a gun and some BBs, you can practice shooting at home against a target, you can shoot cans in your backyard, or anything like that. Airsoft guns are actually made to be able to shoot at other people safely, when proper safety precautions are taken (i.e. eye protection, body covering).

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The Allure of Airsoft

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Don J asked:

Most of us, the male of the species anyway, at some point develop a fascination with firearms. For some of us, this interest starts when we are toddlers and continues through adulthood. I cannot count the number of bank robbers that have met their end in my parent's backyard or the number of times I have saved the world from the Nazis. Boys will be boys and boys do love their toys.

As father time advances the clock, our backyard begins to get smaller, bang-bang looses it's power and so does our imagination. At this point in our lives we may bounce around playing organized sports, video games, or action pursuit sports. For a fortunate few, they will discovery an obscure but growing activity known as airsoft.

Airsoft will transport you to a time when your backyard was an adventure and it was acceptable to pretend. The look, feel, and performance of airsoft guns will make anyone interested in firearms or the military stop and take notice. Some of the airsoft guns are externally identical to their real steel counterpart, down to their weights and markings, and their resemblance is not by accident. Airsoft was created to fulfill the needs of a gun enthusiast population in a country where real firearms are not permitted, namely Japan.

The variety of airsoft guns is mind numbing. There is an airsoft gun to fit any enthusiast tastes, from the days of Billy the Kid to the movie Aliens. You may see airsoft guns used as props in the television and film industry, at your favorite convention (Sci-Fi or Comicon), or at costume parties. Airsoft guns are sought after as much for their looks as for their functionality.

Military simulation is what really makes people passionate about airsoft. There are a variety of options in the action pursuit realm, but airsoft offers the best choices in performance and realism. Airsoft allows the simulation of time periods from old west to modern day Afghanistan. Police departments and the military are turning more and more to airsoft as a training option.

Most authentic firearm accessories will attach perfectly to all but the cheapest airsoft guns. In some cases airsoft accessories are used as a low cost alternative to actual firearm rails, lasers, and flashlights. The ability to use the same equipment you may already currently own for your real firearm on your airsoft gun is very appealing to police officers and gun enthusiasts alike, making airsoft a logical recreational choice.

From the magazine they use, to the moving bolt in some guns, the operation of airsoft guns also mimics that of their real world counterparts. Instead of utilizing unrealistic paintball hoppers, air tanks, and gas lines, airsoft guns use a variety of means to conceal the operational mechanism and keep the gun as realistic as possible.

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Target Shooting for Airsoft Guns

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Tony Bargas asked:

A safe way to promote target shooting, hunting and plinking for the younger generation is with airsoft guns. It is important to know the proper procedure of using an airsoft gun. The majority of people judge the quality airsoft gun with its accuracy level.

Airsoft guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some airsoft guns come with an option of adjustable trigger, power velocity, shockproof and multiple shots features that are simply not resistible for a passionate shooter. Make sure store the airsoft gun unloaded and out of the reach of small children.

For starters, the best option is to use a sandbag to give ample support to the airsoft gun. This helps in maintaining the gun alignment and keeps it steady while the user can concentrate completely on the target. Airsoft guns give you an option to practice indoors or outside in the open. All you need is a good shooting range to develop your passion for shooting and leave the rest on your trusted airsoft gun.

There are two classifications of airsoft guns: multi-stroke and single-stroke. Single-stroke airsoft guns provide higher amounts of accuracy. High-powered airsoft guns are meant for big events like Olympic competitions or for professional military use. For normal use, a low powered airsoft gun is the best option. Pre-charged airsoft gun is another common variety with the advantage of multiple shots. It operates with a special hose that supplies compressed air for multiple shots.

However, you need to make sure that your shooting range is free from any unwanted targets like someone in your neighborhood. Airsoft guns should be treated with respect because a slight careless mistake may have a disastrous impact on the target.

The "On Safe" mode provides safeguards to both its user and the external environment. Take your airsoft gun to a repeatable dealer if it needs to be repaired.

Do not attempt to dissemble your airsoft gun. If the surface gets worn out or damaged with use, you might feel a need to replace the backstop.

All shooters should wear shooting glasses while using airsoft guns to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Airsoft guns should not be aimed at water surfaces or a hard surface that can eventually cause the pellet to bounce on someone or something you had not targeted.

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