Taking Proper Care of Your Airsoft Gun

December 10th, 2008 2 Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Jeffry Evans asked:

As an airsoft gun owner, you should want to take care of your investment so that it can be used and enjoyed for years into the future. Having an airsoft gun that wears out before it's time or starts malfunctioning due to poor airsoft gun care is not only entirely avoidable, but also really unnecessary. If you've just purchased an airsoft gun and are looking for ways to keep it in prime condition, here are some great airsoft gun care tips to consider.

Cleaning the Barrel

The barrel of your airsoft gun should be cleaned after every use. If you live in a sandy environment, this is especially important. If you own an electric airsoft gun, you'll want to fire several shots in the semi-automatic mode in order to decompress the gearbox once you're done firing, though some guns have a button which will decompress the spring. With spring air guns, be sure not to leave the gun cocked, with the safety on to help prevent accidental injury. You'll also want to consider spraying a non-corrosive silicone spray into the gun barrel and hop-up chamber occasionally to help keep your airsoft gun in good working order.

Magazine Care

For electric and spring airsoft guns, you'll want to empty the magazine after each use to help preserve the strength of the magaine spring. This will help ensure long time enjoyment from your airsoft gun. Magazines for gas airsoft pistols though should be left pressurized so that all the necessary seals stay in tact. If the gas you're using doesn't havae silicon lubricant in it, then add a drop or two on the internals, otherwise you should be all right. Always remember that when expelling gas from your airsoft gun to never use the release valve, as you run the risk of freezing the O ring which can cause gas leakage in the future.

Observing the Batteries

Batteries are an important part of the lifepan of electric airsoft guns. Be sure to use batteries with the correct voltage. A battery with excess voltage will cause the gearbox to cycle at a rate that could damage internal components of your gun; while a battery with voltage too low can result in lack of power to cycle the gearbox at all. You will also need to be aware of the mAh of your battery. This will indicate how long a battery will continue to power your gearbox. Batteries with a higher mAh have a higher current draw which will increase the firing rate of your gun.

Airsoft Gun Touch Ups

As you continue to use and enjoy your airsoft gun, you may notice the paint starting to scratch or wear off. Experts typically advise against touching up your gun. If a full repainting is required be sure to use a flat, enamel based spray such as Krylon, or check with an airsoft retailer who will offer painting service to return your airsoft gun to it's original appearance.

With the proper airsoft gun care, you can ensure that your air gun will be in excellent working order for many years to come!

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The Different Types of Airsoft Magazine Clips

December 10th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Jeffry Evans asked:

Airsoft magazines are designed to look and operate as closely to the real thing as possible. They are typically made of high impact plastic or full metal, depending on the quality of the airsoft gun. They usually feature a depressible spring to help you feed the BBs into the magazine. Also, they may include markings or engravings that are the same or similar to the real guns that inspired them.

For gas airsoft pistols, the clips are typically made of full metal, and are thick, because the gas chamber is located inside the magazine, with a valve at the bottom for reloading green (or other types of) gas.

Airsoft magazines can be further categorized by the number of BBs they can hold.

Real Capacity (Real-Cap) Airsoft Clips

Real-cap clips are designed to operate in the exact same way as the real weapon. The will hold exactly the same amount of BBs as the real life cousins will hold. Only the most serious airsoft players looking for military simulation and authenticity need this kind of clip.

Low Capacity (Low-Cap) Airsoft Clips

As the name states, these clips are designed to carry less ammunition, and are intended for the relatively serious airsoft player who wishes to be in life like situation, in which the airsoft gun will not have many rounds. For automatic electric guns (AEGs), these clips will generally not hold more than about 100 rounds.

Medium Capacity (Mid-Cap) Airsoft Clips

Without the need for extra moving parts, as in the case of high capacity clips, the mid-cap clip still enjoys the advantage of quietness, like the low-cap magazine. In the case of the mid-cap airsoft clip, you will generally be looking at somewhere between 100 - 200 rounds.

High Capacity (High-Cap) Airsoft Clips

To get the extra advantage of being able to pummel your opponents with a rain of fire, or to be able to cover a teammate well, the high capacity magazine will be your choice. A rotating toothed wheel may be used to transfer the BBs from a reservoir to the chamber, else a battery operated, pressure sensitive pad may be used to feed a BB into the chamber of the gun.

Although this type of magazine is great for automatic firing and suppression of the enemy, the high capacity magazine may have a tendency to rattle, as loose pellets roll around in the clip. This could be the disadvantage that allows the enemy to locate you, and thus you may be taken by surprise.

Like most everything, the different airsoft clips out there have advantages and disadvantages. So make sure that you know how you want to use the clip, before you go out there and get one of your own.

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Making the Right Choice for Gas Airsoft Canister Reloads

December 10th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Jeffry Evans asked:

Although your initial reaction may be one of disbelief with regards to the types of gas used in gas powered airsoft guns, it is important to consider. There are many high quality gas airsoft guns out there, but if you use the wrong type of gas to power them on a consistent basis, you may find that your gun will wear out sooner than you expected. Let's just go over a few things about the different types of gas and the respective consequences you may face:

Propane and Butane Gas

Use standard propane or butane gas in your airsoft pistol can cause degradation over time. Although cheaper to buy and implement, it doesn't make much sense to use this type of gas in a gas powered airsoft gun, because the gun itself is usually quite expense, seeing as how gas airsoft guns are more powerful and more life-like than electric or spring powered guns.

HFC 134A Gas

This type of gas is rated for use in Japanese manufactured airsoft guns. It is kind of like a middle-of-the-road gas for economy buyers. These gas gun are cheaper than the more pricey US brands, but are a good price point buy. The HFC 134A gas is not quite as powerful as the HFC 22 gas, but again, it is a good compromise between price and results.

HFC 22 "Green Gas"

This is the better quality, higher power gas that is offered for airsoft guns today. It not only prolongs the life of the gun, but you can usually achieve much higher feet per second (FPS) in your gun than with other gas types. Also, manufacturers are putting out smaller, higher pressurized canisters to provide several recharges to your gas airsoft gun, while being small enough to ride in an accessory belt or pouch. With just a few dollar difference per canister, this seems to be the better choice.

So there you have it, the main stream options for use with your gas airsoft gun. Remember to check with your retailer / manufacturer for the recommended gas to use with your particular model of gas gun. While green gas may be the better of the options, it is still the best idea to check it out before purchase. These types of gas are usually easy to load into your airsoft gun, but make sure to check the directions to see if there are any specific instructions or warnings before you improperly use the airsoft gas. One last thought, make sure the clip is detached from the gun you are loading, because you might inadvertently fire the gun if you attempt to reload the gas while the clip is still in the gun itself.

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Things You Need to Know About Different Airsoft Gun Brands

December 10th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Michiel Van Kets asked:

Deciding on an airsoft gun that is right for you will all depend on the intention of the gun. There are a number of reasons for acquiring an airsoft gun; to use it for hitting targets in order to improve eye and hand co-ordination, coaching beginners on firearm safety or to engage in a combat game. The police and military utilize airsoft guns during their training as it is safer and a cheaper alternative than using real guns. Airsoft guns are seldom exact replicas of the real thing. They also have a higher level of safety, flexibility and cost less to buy; all of which adds to their appeal for the airsoft enthusiast.

There are a number of airsoft gun manufacturers. Some of the better known brands include Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, Crosman, Jing Gong and Cybergun.Whether you decide for the higher quality leading brands or the economical versions, how much you are willing to pay will be the biggest deciding factor. This article aims to direct you towards a couple of things you should be aware of before deciding upon a brand of airsoft gun.

The leading manufacturer of high quality airsoft guns is Tokyo Marui. They are the largest international manufacturer around the world and their guns have a reputation for being consistently reliable and durable. They are in charge for making a first-rate series of AEGs, AEPs, gas and spring powered guns. Leading the way in designing and improving airsoft products, many other brands replicate their models. As a manufacturer, they are appreciated by airsoft enthusiasts due to their intricate designs and detail and ability for highly accurate firing. As all metal body AEG's are forbidden in Japan, guns are produced from ABS plastic and parts reinforced using metal.

ICS has a highly valued standing in the airsoft community for making reliable quality guns. With a history that goes back twenty years, they use only the highest quality materials, extending to the internal workings of the gun, such as metal gearboxes, steel gears, and silicon steel bushings. Their guns have an outstanding durability and are highly sought of by experienced airsoft players.

Classic Army are based in Hong Kong and produce high quality AEGs with metal bodies. Their models are particularly realistic-looking and durable. Their metal rifles consist of metal gears and gearboxes, precision barrels and high performance electric motors. Rifles produced by Classic Army are appropriate for upgrading and adding accessories.

Jing Gong manufactures top of the range airsoft guns or AEG's in the low to mid price range. Skilled game players fancy this brand as their guns are quite low cost whilst offering quality. JG ensures their guns are long-lasting by addinginserting quality internal parts including metal gears and gearboxes. Recently updating the AEG, it is now capable of firing more than 400fps.

CYMA airsoft guns are not expensive but durability is quite low too, this makes them a good choice for beginners. Recently, however, they have unveiled a new series of full metal and wood AEGs with the focus on high quality, reliability and performance. Many of their newer models are replicas of AEGs from Tokyo Mauri. Due to their modernized models, CYMA are gaining popularity with softgun enthusiasts as manufacturers of quality guns at affordable prices.

Crosman are a well known America manufacturer and distributor of airsoft guns and BB guns. Their guns are known as being reliable and dependable with a reputation for durability. They have a selection\collection from entry level airguns for beginners to high powered adult airguns. Crosman are a mid range priced brand and hard-wearing, and popular with the younger end of the market.

Cybergun is a name you will pay attention to amongst other brands of airsoft guns, although they don’t actually construct guns themselves. They work together with manufacturers such as Jing Gong, CYMA and KWC to produce officially licensed highly detailed replicas with full branding of popular gun makers including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Thompson, SIG SAUER, Desert Eagle, UZI, Kalashnikov, FAMAS and more.

These are just a few of the brand names that manufacture and distribute airsoft guns. Whether you need a gun for fun or a more serious reason you will find a large selection of companies, guns and types to satisfy all levels of skill and experience.

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What to Look for in Airsoft Guns

December 9th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Greg Howard asked:

Which airsoft gun you choose to buy or use really depends on the situations that you wish to use it in. There are many different types of airsoft guns available, and they each have a specific trait which allows them to be better in different types of situations, so simply going for cheap airsoft guns would not be right. These can range from one to be used for one to one training, shooting practice or in an actual game with players ranging from a handful to a mass of individuals involved in a war-like scenario. In each of these situations, using the right gun would provide better results, and avoid unnecessary problems that might occur if the wrong accessories were used.

For a situation whereby you intend to have one to one training with an instructor, training by yourself, or simple shooting practice, using airsoft guns that do not require fast reload times would be sufficient. These guns usually come in the form of spring airsoft guns, and perfect for such occasions. All you need to do when reloading is to work the slide backwards to cock the gun, which readily reloads it with the next pellet. The slide actually pushes or compresses a spring within the gun, thus giving it the term known as spring airsoft gun. They are also great for instruction use, and are often the first guns chosen by beginners in the sport.

If you are involved in a game scenario, the obvious need would be for speed in both shooting and reloading. Under such circumstances, you can opt for anything from gas airsoft guns to the higher end but more spectacular electric airsoft guns. Both provide the same type of capabilities, with the former reliant on gas powered methods while the latter using an inner motor that is driven by electricity which provides a more realistic and modern feel, and result as well. Both are extremely popular with the avid airsoft enthusiast, but they also differ in terms of the situations which they are best used for.

Gas airsoft guns use an internal gas driven mechanism, and that can be ideal in warmer climates where the heat would keep the gas lively and usable. However, these are not popular in temperate climates where colder seasons can often lead to problems discharging or simply using the gun. The electric airsoft gun was then created to compensate for this issue, and it has quickly become the choice accessory for airsoft fans. They provide no problems when used under different climates and conditions, and can best simulate real shooting conditions of a real gun. With the internal electric motor, it also gives electric airsoft guns the advantage of being used as automatic weapons, being able to fire continuously due to the mechanics of the design.

Therefore, when choosing the airsoft gun, not only do you have to consider the stage at which the user is currently at, it will also be crucial to find out under what circumstances will the gun be used for. If it is simply for practice, the cheaper spring airsoft gun would be ideal and sufficient. But if it is to be used for actual games and live scenarios, the perfect gift would be an electric version of the accessory, and one that would eventually be ideal for all situations.

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Getting the Right BBs for Your Airsoft Gun

December 9th, 2008 2 Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Jeffry Evans asked:

If you thought that 6mm BBs were all there is in airsoft, you are wrong. Depending on your level of airsoft sophistication, you may require .20 BBs, or perhaps you may even want to use 6mm paintballs. That's right, using 6mm paintballs instead of typical airsoft ammunition can really enhance your next military or police simulation. Think about it, you get the splat of the paintball arena, combined with the accuracy and authentication of airsoft. It's kind of like the perfect combination.

Be careful with the Lower End Airsoft Weapons

Spring action pistols and rifles can present a problem when it comes to achieving the higher levels of play, and using the higher quality airsoft BBs. Spring action airsoft pistols and rifles tend to have less power than their electric and gas counterparts, and therefore may have trouble handling the heavier airsoft BBs. Typically, the spring airsoft guns are made for .12 standard 6mm airsoft BBs, normally the cheapest of the available ammo, and often known by simply "airsoft BBs" or "seamless airsoft BBs". Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the quality of these BBs, however for long range fire and accuracy, they simply don't compete with the heavier, higher quality BBs.

For Electric and Gas Power Players

For the serious airsoft enthusiast, they should be looking at airsoft guns that can easily handle .20 and greater airsoft BBs. A gun that fires at 300 feet per second or higher is a good choice, and will allow you to hit targets with accuracy at 50 feet and greater. If you really want to pack the punch, try a .23 or .25 BB. Of course, these BBs are not going to have the range of .20 BB, but they will be accurate, and sting more than the lighter BBs. Where price is a factor, the .20 BB is definitely cheaper and more widely distributed than .23 or .25 BBs.

Don't Reuse Your Airsoft Ammo

Especially for the higher end airsoft guns, reusing ammo just doesn't make sense. Imagine what the impact does to a BB at 300+ feet per second. Deformities, dirt, etc. can really hurt the lifespan of your high dollar airsoft pistol or rifle. So just bite the bullet when comes to airsoft BBs, don't pinch the pennies, because you might regret it later. Even with the cheaper spring powered airsoft guns, it is better to just use new BBs, unless you are already planning to replace the gun.

So we have seen how getting the right airsoft BBs, and always using new ammo in your airsoft guns is the right way to go for long term enjoyment of the sport. So go out there, have a great time, and make sure you have your protective gear on before engaging in airsoft play.

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Using Airsoft Pistols in Police Training

December 9th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Jeffry Evans asked:

Airsoft is an extremely interesting sport that is very popular with both children and adults alike. Part of what makes airsoft so intriguing is its highly realistic look and feel of actual weaponry without the real potential of death or serious injury. Many of the airsoft pistols and rifles look so much like actual guns that they cannot be identified as toys, except for the bright orange tip that is required by law. This makes airsoft pistols in particular, a great tool for training for men and women in law enforcement. With the comparable dimensions, weight, look and feel of an actual handgun or rifle, the officer in training is getting a great idea of what using the real thing is all about.

Due to their close resemblance to actual handguns, officers can holster the airsoft guns just as they would a real one, and can pull and fire just like a real weapon as well. Gas airsoft pistols have the advantage over spring airsoft pistols here because they can actually recoil after firing, just like a real gun. These guns are called blow-back guns, which mirror the recoil of the real thing. Of course, it goes without saying that the recoil you feel when firing the airsoft pistol will be substantially less than firing an actual handgun, it does help to mimic the same action, helping officers in training get used to the motion.

Now, you may be thinking, why use airsoft to train, when you can do target practice with the real thing? Well that is a good question. But think about higher end police training, such as running scenarios dealing with sociopaths, or terrorists, kidnappings, or any other high end thinking situations. Situations like these demand a realistic training environment, where real people pretend to be the offenders or kidnapped parties, while the training officers have to move and think through the situation. You definitely do not want to have real bullets involved with this kind of training! So you see, any one of these training operations listed is excellent situations in which airsoft pistols are the perfect tool for the job.

While airsoft usually involves small, plastic BBs, there are actually 6mm paintballs that can be used in lieu of the typical plastic BBs. So during these training exercises, you can still get the splat of a paintball to accurately identify where a team member has been hit, as well as getting the real life action of the airsoft gun. Another great advantage of using airsoft pistols for police training is that they are much less expensive than paintball guns or other handguns used for training. It is easy to see how airsoft pistols can be the perfect tool for police officers and other members of law enforcement in training situations.

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Airsoft Vs. Paintball

December 9th, 2008 1 Comment   Posted in Extreme Sports
Robert Baird asked:


AirSoft and PaintBall are two popular commercially available guns that are meant for games. Children and game lovers in shooting types of games use both of these guns. AirSoft was invented in Japan in the year 1970 and PaintBall was invented in the United States. Today, AirSoft guns are also manufactured in China, which has reduced the market of AirSoft guns in Japan. In this article we will have a brief description of the differences between these two guns.

AirSoft Made for Realism:

AirSoft guns are very similar to the real guns. These guns are popular in Asia and Europe. The guns have all the properties of real military guns. Since AirSoft guns have most of the qualities of a military gun, they are banned in many countries. AirSoft guns come with a complete package. Since AirSoft guns are highly dangerous, they have all the safety equipment along with the gun in a complete package. AirSoft guns are available in various models in the market.

PaintBall guns on the other hand are manufactured in United States and are famous in North America. PaintBall Guns are not as dangerous as AirSoft. Even these guns have safety equipments. PaintBall guns got their name as they make a mark with paint on the target. The PaintBall guns are not as realistic as AirSoft, but are very safe to play.

AirSoft and PaintBall Differences:

The manufacturing cost of AirSoft guns is very low compared to that of PaintBall guns. But the equipment for AirSoft guns is quite costly. The pellets of AirSoft guns are very cheap compared to PaintBall guns. The kinetic energy of a PaintBall gun is higher than that of an AirSoft gun. An ordinary AirSoft gun will produce just 1 Joule of energy compared to 12 Joules of energy produced by PaintBall guns.

The shots of AirSoft guns are much faster and they have the potential to damage the skin if hit at close range. This is due to the small size of the AirSoft pellets. Many countries have declared many safety precautions while using these guns. The Safety equipment of PaintBall are better than the safety equipment of AirSoft. The PaintBall goggles available with the PaintBall kit covers the enter area around the eye along with teeth and ears, Whereas the AirSoft masks are very soft and there are chances of damage to the eyes.


Many teenagers prefer to get one AirSoft gun as it shoots at much higher speed compared to PaintBall guns. Also the pellets of AirSoft guns are much cheaper than PaintBall pellets. Parents prefer to get PaintBall guns, as they are safer to use. This is the only reason why PaintBall guns have high demand in the market. Also in the defense academies, AirSoft guns are preferred as they are cheap and less risky compared to original military guns. The AirSoft guns looks more majestic and original compared to PaintBall, which is another reason why children prefer to get them.

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Essential Airsoft Safety

December 9th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Extreme Sports
Thomas & Terry Hollowell asked:

Airsoft safety should be the number one concern of everyone who uses Airsoft guns. The guns are very safe, but as with conventional firearms the responsibility for Airsoft safety is in the hands of the person possessing the gun. Airsoft guns are real weapons that can injure others if all of the necessary Airsoft safety precautions are not taken. That is why everyone who uses an Airsoft gun must treat it as if it is a real firearm.

No one should ever use Airsoft guns in games with other players without wearing Airsoft safety goggles. The face and especially the eyes have the biggest chance of serious injury. Many players concerned with Airsoft safety wear protective masks as well as Airsoft safety goggles. Because it is possible for an Airsoft BB to cause a welt or break the skin, Airsoft safety also should include wearing long sleeve shirts, pants and boots. There are also many kinds of Airsoft tactical gear, such as vests, which not only protect but have all the pockets in which to stash extra pellets and handguns.

The two rules at the top of the list in Airsoft safety are always treat a gun as if it were loaded and never ever point a gun at someone you do not intend to shoot. Always presume a gun is loaded even if you just unloaded it yourself. You cannot be too careful when dealing with firearms or Airsoft safety, and that includes all types of real, BB and Airsoft guns. Airsoft safety rules require that no one under the age of 16 can purchase an Airsoft gun, unless accompanied by a parent. No one under the age of 16 should fire an Airsoft gun or play Airsoft games unless an adult is present and Airsoft safety precautions have been taken.

Airsoft guns should not be loaded until you are going to fire them and they should never be stored loaded. They also should not be stored where children can get hold of them. More Airsoft safety rules: never play around the house with an Airsoft gun like it is a toy or leave it laying around where others can pick it up. While some state firearms laws consider an Airsoft gun to be a toy, it is a dangerous toy that requires responsibility on the part of the owner and user.

Because Airsoft safety has been of public concern, many cities have banned Airsoft guns in public areas. People have even been killed when police have mistaken an Airsoft gun for a real gun. Airsoft users and collectors love the fact that Airsoft guns are identical in looks and weight to a real gun, but this also makes them appear as real to others and life threatening. In the United States, Airsoft safety now means that every Airsoft gun has to have an orange tip to differentiate it from the real thing. In Canada, concerns for Airsoft safety caused a law to be passed which only allows people to only use Airsoft guns which have clear cases through which all the parts can be seen. That way they cannot be mistaken for the real thing.

Airsoft safety means that you keep the safety on and your finger off the trigger until the moment of firing. But never depend on the safety alone to prevent a gun from firing. You are the ultimate safety for an Airsoft gun or any other weapon.

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