A&K Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR review (airsoft)

December 25th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Tech
p8ntballer8491 asked:

Review of the A&K Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR.

magpul airsoft

Airsoft REVIEW: Classic Army Sportline M15A4 Carbine- part 1

December 14th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Education
bleucheeze06 asked:

PART 1 of my complete review of the new Classic Army M15A4 Sportline Carbine. In this part, I go over in detail the externals of the Sportline, and compare it to the externals of the ECHO1 M4. Please comment on my videos; I work hard on them and appreciate feedback. FAQ: Please DO NOT ask me the following questions: Q: Do I need to install metal bushings in this gun to run a 9.6v battery? A: You can run a 9.6v with stock bushings for a while, but the lifespan of the AEG will be shortened. It's better in the long run to install metal bushings and a good shim job up front. The sooner you use metal bushings with a 9.6 the better. Remember the metal bushings along with the shimjob will help hold the gears and other mechbox components in place as they spin, so they won't wear weirdly. It really is better to get metal bushings ASAP if you're using a 9.6v battery. The blue nylon bushings that come stock with the Sportline are tougher than your average nonmetal bushings, but still not as strong as metal. Q: Should I get this gun or [insert some other clone AEG]? A: I've given you a lot of information about the CA M15A4 Carbine Sportline in this video review. I don't know much about other clone manufacturers such as JG. I don't know how the newer clone guns compare to this gun. Q: How do I remove/change the flash hider? A: To remove the flash hider, there is a small allen screw on the underside of the barrel right behind the flash hider. Remove that screw and the flash hider ...

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Upgraded ICS MP5-A5 AEG

December 11th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Entertainment
jeffreyromero1 asked:

Upgraded ICS MP5-A5 in FULL AUTO!!!!

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Airsoft GI – ICS MX5 Pro 3 Round Burst Full Metal MK5 AEG

December 9th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked:

Take a look at the new ICS MX5P. This aeg has some neat features that you won't find on guns from other companies. ICS has always made an innovative impact on the airsoft market and they are doing it again with this product.

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Airsoft Classic Army G36K review

December 3rd, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Sports
zanderwitaz asked:

Breif review on the Classic army G36k. Mostly on externals and build. shoots about 320 fps out of the box


Airsoft GI – Magpul PTS UBR Stock

November 23rd, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked:

The Magpul PTS UBR stock is an awesome adjustable stock that feels like full stock. This thing is solid. Available in Black: www.airsoftgi.com ; or Tan: www.airsoftgi.com

magpul airsoft

Airsoft GI – Magpul PTS Masada Officially Licensed AEG Video Review

November 21st, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Entertainment
AIRSOFTGIdotcom asked:

www.airsoftgi.com This is it, the in depth look at the Magpul PTS Masada. Gather your friends and family around the computer, this AEG is going to make history...

magpul airsoft

Western Arms/Inokatsu M4 GBB , RA-TECH, Prime, G&P, Magpul , Airsoft , Test Fire 1

November 14th, 2009 4 Comments   Posted in Autos
xxthedrizzlexx asked:

Demonstration of Proper Function . For Sale on Ebay , Way to many mods to list in entirety, Real Steel magpul stock and grip, Real Steel GG&G tactical buffer plate, Real Steel Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS just to name a few , Nothing is stock down to the last set screw . All mods will be listed in auction , Link will be attached once posted . Thank You !

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Airsoft Review: Classic Army M15A4 Airsoft Rifle

November 10th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Howto
korneld asked:

AirsoftGuns411.com weighs the pros and cons of owning the airsoft gun CA M15A4 Rifle by Classic Army.

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airsoft Classic Army CA8-2 SL8

November 9th, 2009 25 Comments   Posted in Sports
namaikikitsune asked:

Classic Army CA8-2 (H&K SL8) airsoft. Freudian slip: the camera is on a tripod and I'm staring at it. The sight very well might be 3x but I've never checked physically and t3h interwebs gave me conflicting info. It's not a sniper/longgun/etc It's an AEG with a really long barrel 510mm stock inner barrel. This gun has since been upgraded internally and externally. The gear I'm showing off to a non local buddy and is not for the reviews benefit but is something I have played in.

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